Colombian Waiting Children visit USA

December 22, 2017 rachelmiley Blog

We have the most adorable FOUR Colombian siblings in the USA right now being hosted by a wonderful family over Christmas! They are loving learning English and about Southern culture. Right now, they are in urgent need of a forever family. Could that be you or someone you know? We are trying to find their forever family as soon as possible so this group can stay together and have a family as soon as possible. 

Colombia waiting children sibling set of 4

Anthony (9 yo), Kyle (7yo twin), Sarah (7 yo twin), and Sebastian (5 yo twin) have been described by their host family as the sweetest, most playful, and happiest children. Anthony is kind, soft spoken, and a servant leader. He is athletic and very intelligent! He needs a family who will encourage him and help him feel secure. Kyle and Sarah are hilarious, very outgoing twins! They are so full of personality and love to play. Kyle is described as being the clown of the group, always trying to make others laugh. Sarah is all things sweet and kind. She is loves to play with dolls and dress up, but she also loves to play sports outdoors with her brothers as well. Everyone who has met her has fallen in love! And Sebastian is described as a little comedian as well. Sebastian is the baby of the group and will need a family that will to share lots of affection. He loves to snuggle and give lots of hugs! 




Our team has also spent time with the children in Colombia and in the USA to get to know them better as well. The host family and our team have described them as being some of the sweetest, most fun kiddos around. The kids have played well with the host children (similar in ages) and other children in the community. They could be outside all day if they were allowed to be! They will need a family that will be able to show them lots of love, affection, and play time.

Should you have any questions about them or the process, please let us know: We appreciate your hearts in praying for them, considering adoption, and advocating for their future family. 

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