Send a Care Package

Send your waiting little ones toys, books, clothing, birthday cakes and other items offered through the care package service facilitated by one of our dear friends of Lifeline, Helen. Helen is also well known as an extraordinary guide that assists traveling families in the Beijing area. Our hope is that this service will take the frustration of customs issues and high shipping costs out of what should be a fun experience for your family.

Contact Helen HERE

Below you will find a PDF that has all of the items available for purchase. There are items available to purchase for your child as well as items that you can donate to their orphanage.

Care Package Items

Please carefully follow the instructions below to purchase the items:

  1. You will need to email Helen at with the items you wish to purchase.
  2. Each item’s picture has an number associated with it located in the upper left hand corner of the picture. For the items you wish to purchase, please include in your email to Helen the description of the items as well as the number associated with each item. (ex. Boys Shoes – No. 10)
  3. Please include your first and last name and email address in your email to Helen. Also, please include your child’s PA, and the name and email address of your Lifeline social worker.  Your Lifeline social worker will be cc’d on the update so that the update will be included in your child’s permanent file.
  4. Once Helen receives your email, she will reply to you in an email with an invoice of the costs. This invoice will need to be paid through PayPal. *NOTE: The PayPal invoice will come in Chinese; however, you will just need to click on the yellow button which will take you to the PayPal page to pay.

We hope these care packages will bring joy to you and your child as you wait to be brought together into a forever family!