Partnering Makes Sense

July 6, 2017 rachelmiley
For Mountain Brook Community Church (MBCC) in Birmingham, Alabama, partnership with (un)adopted® “really just makes sense.” It’s a relationship that stretches back for several years, according to Walter Arroyo, who’s served on staff at the church for 10 years and now is MBCC’s missions pastor. (un)adopted, Lifeline Children’s Services’ international orphan care ministry, and MBCC
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Orphan Care Beyond Adoption

September 9, 2016 lifeline
At Lifeline we believe that it is God’s design for children to be raised in families, where they are loved and cared for holistically, having their physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs met. The reality of what we see is that we live in a broken world, in which the sin of mankind has affected
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Different Kinds of Service

February 5, 2016 Rick Singleton
 In December of 2015, a team of six men from Wayne’s Environmental Services went to the Dominican Republic on their first mission trip. There were nerves within the group, but tangible excitement filled the air all the way to our destination: Niños de la Luz, a boys’ home sitting on the north shore of the
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Something More Must Be Done

January 27, 2016 Rick Singleton
Since Lifeline’s founding, our experienced staff have worked closely with children who have faced severe trauma and loss. Lifeline was burdened with the desire to see something more be done for children, even before the adoption process. In addition, countless children will never have the hope of adoption. As a result, we have spent considerable time over the last year reflecting on
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