Lifeline Kansas Expands with CPO Ministry

January 19, 2018 rachelmiley
The Lifeline Kansas team is excited to announce some big news about how God is working! In the Fall of 2017 Lifeline was approached and asked by the Caring Pregnancy Options board if we would pray about taking on their ministry in Topeka, Kansas. We were happy to tell the CPO board we would be thrilled
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Pro-Life Means Every Life

January 8, 2018 rachelmiley
the ultimate value of human life can be found in the gospel. God the Son became a man and fulfilled the work of redemption, and the price that was paid in Jesus establishes the proper worth of people. We treasure each other not so much because of our inherent merit but because of the unfathomable worth of Jesus. At Lifeline Children’s Services, we come alongside the Body of Christ to strive to protect the unborn and to care for and shepherd the already born in ways that extend the gospel of Jesus Christ.
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Naomi Fled for Life

May 11, 2017 rachelmiley
The women we serve through our pregnancy counseling ministry at Lifeline are incredibly brave and strong, including Naomi, who literally fled a country to save her son. Naomi epitomized the very definitions of bravery and strength as she found the desire and will to fight for her child’s life in the midst of extreme external
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May Monthly Focus: Pregnancy Counseling

May 8, 2017 rachelmiley
The Need Women who are facing unplanned or crisis pregnancies can often feel hopeless. As a result of varying circumstances, these women often question whether parenting is best for them or their child. Some women are led to believe that abortion is the only option to parenting and are often unaware of the option of
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Truth for Mothers in Unplanned Pregnancies

January 4, 2017 international
Every time a woman walks into the offices of Lifeline Children’s Services seeking to understand the options for her unexpected pregnancy, we are overcome at her strength, love, and desire to make the very best plans for her child. We have been honored to walk part of this journey with many beautiful women. Throughout these
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Lifeline Then and Now

December 22, 2016 lifeline
This year marks the 35th anniversary of Lifeline’s ministry and our work in Birmingham, the United States and the nations. What an incredible blessing it’s been to look back at our history and see God’s faithful hand at work each and every step of the way.  His faithful hand of provision is so abundantly evident as we
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Do You Know Someone Facing an Unplanned Pregnancy?

November 8, 2016 international
If you know a woman who is facing an unplanned pregnancy, she may want to talk with you about her options. Know that it is not your responsibility to convince her to choose one option over another; it is just your responsibility to love her by sharing truthful information about each of her three options:
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Share the Story: Coghlan Family Testimony

October 28, 2016 rachelmiley
Chris Coghlan, an outfielder for the Chicago Cubs, and his wife, Corrie, had not always been on the same page about adoption. Corrie had cousins who had been adopted and family friends who had adopted. Adoption was woven into her heart, and she desired for it to be part of their story. Chris, however, admits
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Stepping into a Multi-Cultural World | Racial Reconciliation & The Gospel

July 22, 2016 rachelmiley
Our families, our lives, and our perspectives change when we step into the multi-cultural world of foster care, orphan care and adoption. We no longer see people as projects, but we see them as image bearers of Christ who eagerly desire and need authentic relationship.
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The Option of Adoption

May 6, 2016 rachelmiley
As a counselor who serves women in unexpected and crisis pregnancies, the brokenness of the world is on display before my eyes: the Enemy has distorted, in so many ways, the message of abortion. The world tells women that abortion is loving—that abortion is the only way to prevent your child and you from suffering
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