Cheryl Walker: God’s Call to Love

CherylCheryl at her most recent adoption.

In 1981, God began to burden my heart about taking a public stand for His Word against abortion. I asked Him to show me how to do that. I volunteered with Sav-a-life as a nurse doing pre-natal check-ups, but was still burdened that there was more He wanted me to do. I prayed for His direction.

On January 17, 1982 in a class at church, one of the Sav-a-life counselors said, “Lifeline is going to need foster families soon.” The only thing I knew of Lifeline is what I had read in the paper. As she said those words, the lights in the room got brighter, and I heard a voice say, “That is the other thing I wanted you to do.” I knew God had spoken to me! I went into the church service, sat down beside my husband and quietly stated that I believed God wanted us to be a foster family for Lifeline. He responded with a simple, “okay.” On the way home, we told our 5 children, ages 8-14, and they were all ecstatic.

I spoke with John Carr, the Lifeline Director at that time, the following night, who asked why we wanted to be a foster family. My answer was, “God has told us to.” I was very disappointed to hear that he didn’t need us – I thought God’s voice had sounded so urgent.

Tuesday afternoon, Mr. Carr called. He said, “God knew we needed a foster family before I did. I would like to come tonight to do your home study.” That night, we asked him when we could expect a baby, and his words were, “I’ll be here at 11am tomorrow.” I had nothing for a baby except a disassembled cradle in the attic. Early Wednesday morning, I set out for the grocery store to buy a bag of diapers, stopping only long enough to tell our mail lady that wonderful, exciting news. (In 1981, God had used her to tell me about the Sav-a-life ministry.) I mentioned that I was going to the store so I could at least have diapers when the baby arrived.

When I returned home, everything I needed to begin taking care of a baby was sitting on my front lawn. What an amazing and powerful God we serve! He was already making provisions for His little one. At 11am, Wednesday, only three days after God spoke to me, I was holding a beautiful baby boy! There are no words to describe the emotions – joy and thanksgiving that filled my soul. Such a mighty God would allow puny me to serve Him with this precious child! He was not finished! The next week, Dr. Charles Money volunteered his services for check-ups, well and sick. Formula, diapers and clothes started coming in. God used that sweet baby to draw other families from our church to become foster parents. We loved and cared for 6 babies in our home that first year. God is so amazing! When we say yes to His call, He will provide what we need to do His work.

It has been 35 years now, 157 babies and counting, that I have prayed for, cuddled in my arms, and kissed their sweet heads. I’ve had the privilege to watch God work countless miracles over these years for His little ones. My children grew up, producing 13 grandchildren, and God has taken my precious husband home to heaven. It hasn’t always been easy but it has always been good. I am so thankful for the lessons learned, years of blessing and joy, and for allowing me to see God at work, up close and personal. I count it a joy to serve God, Lifeline babies, and Lifeline families.

Written by Cheryl Walker, Interim Care Foster Parent at Lifeline Children’s Services

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