Change One Life- Domestic Adoption

At Lifeline we believe all people are made in the image of God. When an expectant mother chooses domestic adoption for her child, Lifeline helps her choose a family who will care for the child spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically, and who will also honor the birth family. 

Recently the Lord worked through a domestic adoption between an adoptive family and a birth parent to change lives. The adoptive family, Susan* and James*, felt the Lord leading them to desire an open adoption between them and the birth mom. Ultimately, they were matched with a birth mom, Elizabeth*, who had the same desire. The two families met for the first time via video call, and during that initial conversation Elizabeth asked Susan to be her support person in the delivery room. They were able to forge a bond in the months leading up to the delivery. The relationship that formed led Susan to be able to share the gospel with Elizabeth in the long-term.  

When an expectant mother chooses life for her child, Lifeline helps to connect her with tangible resources as we also share the gospel. Because both families made the decision to have an open adoption, their lives are forever changed. We have seen God use our efforts to share the gospel through domestic adoption and change lives. Will you partner with us to Change One Life today?

*Names changed for confidentiality