Change One Life | A Letter From Herbie


Last month, Lifeline’s President/Executive Director, Herbie Newell, shared about one of his most challenging days at Lifeline. The ending of that day was one that only God could have orchestrated. However, Herbie’s heart recognized his dependence upon a good God, no matter what happened.

Surrounding that challenging day were heavy circumstances. Difficulties with several countries in which Lifeline works, staffing transitions, and a substantial and immediate need for funding.

As Herbie headed home for the day, the immediate financial need had not been met. “I was frustrated, yet I began to pray out loud on the drive home,” Herbie said. “I prayed, ‘Lord, even if you do not provide today, I know you are still good; just let me know that you are listening.’” Within seconds, and while Herbie was still crying out to God, he received a text from a close friend and partner of Lifeline. He wrote that the Lord had placed it on his heart to give online immediately—the exact amount Lifeline needed. The Lord’s provision was an incredibly uplifting reminder of God’s sovereignty in His work, but the need provided a clear picture of Lifeline’s (and Herbie’s) dependence on the Lord in everything we do, not just for financial provision.

This season has continued to be financially challenging for Lifeline’s ministry, but not without refinement and the undeniable work of the Lord’s hands. Here is a sample of the incredible, life-changing work Lifeline has been part of in 2016:


  • 202 children from 13 countries have come home to forever families
  • 427 families are in the process of international adoption in 19 countries
  • 224 caregivers in 6 countries have received training to care for orphaned and vulnerable children
  • 1,258 orphaned and vulnerable children have been equipped through Life Skills Education Training


  • 150 women have been counseled through an unplanned pregnancy
  • 91 children have been discipled and cared for by Christian families through foster care
  • 89 men and women graduated from Families Count in preparation to reunify with their children
  • 66 men, women, and children in crisis have been cared for through Safe Families for Children

As we near the end of 2016, despite financial needs, the Lord reminds us of the bigger picture, that His heart is for the vulnerable and His purposes cannot be ignored.

Annually, 14,505,000 children who have grown up as orphans age out of the system on their sixteenth birthday. Currently, 402,378 children reside in U.S. foster care, and more than 23,000 children age out without families each year. Lastly, 4 in every 10 unplanned pregnancies are terminated by abortion.

We cannot meet these needs without the Lord or without Him calling His people to partner with us for the gospel. The needs are great, but our God is infinitely greater. Herbie often points our staff toward Philippians 4:19, which reminds us, “He is able to meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.” Will you join Lifeline in making an impact for the gospel in the lives of orphans and vulnerable children? As you give, please join us in prayer that Lifeline would remain trusting and diligent ambassadors for Christ our King.