40 Years: Roots of Reconciliation

January 5, 2021 rachelmiley
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Post-Holiday Transitions

January 1, 2021 rachelmiley
Children, especially those from trauma backgrounds, tend to find stability and safety in structured, predictable environments. Those two words are not typically used to describe holidays or winter breaks. Additionally, holiday breaks are short in nature, so the transitions are swift and bring abrupt changes and challenges in a short amount of time. Add cold
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Change One Life — Stories of Impact

December 22, 2020 rachelmiley
  GEORGE Forgotten. Uneducated. Empty. George was born in Liberia, the 4th poorest country in the world, crippled by years of civil war. George was 1 of Liberia’s 100,000 orphans, who like his peers, were often overlooked and forgotten. When he was a young teen, George attended his first life skills camp, hosted by Lifeline’s
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National Adoption Month — A Biological Sibling’s Perspective on Adoption

November 23, 2020 rachelmiley
By Jenny Riddle On the November 11, 2020 episode of The Defender Podcast, Herbie Newell talked with Boyd Christenberry, son of Kim and Bill Christenberry. Boyd gave his perspective on adoption as a biological child whose family was completed through adoption. Completion, Not Addition Boyd is the oldest of eight children. Five of his siblings
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National Adoption Month — Funding Your Adoption

November 16, 2020 rachelmiley
By Neisha Roberts When people first hear, “It will cost between $35-$50,000 to adopt,” there’s a quick gut response that usually follows — “How in the world could we ever afford that?” We completely understand. Your heart is willing and you’re ready to take the next step in faith, but your head is stuck running
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National Adoption Month — Finding Your Country

November 9, 2020 rachelmiley
By Neisha Roberts A little girl from China. A 12-year-old boy from Colombia. A baby girl from Louisiana. Three siblings from Bulgaria. God’s beautiful children across the world find their way home to their forever families through adoption. The process, although at times long and arduous, ends in a wonderfully woven tapestry of details that
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National Adoption Month — Why We Adopt

November 2, 2020 rachelmiley
More than a Photograph By Jessica Roberts, Lifeline Mom Our family’s journey toward adoption doesn’t begin like many of the stories we know. When my husband, Rhodes, and I were married, we didn’t have any intentional discussions about how we would like to grow our family. We weren’t like those couples that both happened to
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International Adoption Continues As Borders Open

September 2, 2020 rachelmiley
By Jenny Riddle We are praising the Lord for His continued providence for children and families in our international adoption programs in the middle of this pandemic. Although travel has slowed significantly for everyone, we have seen God at work in bringing children home. Processes are progressing, and borders are continuing to open.  Celebrate with
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International Adoption Through a Pandemic

September 2, 2020 rachelmiley
By Jenny Riddle International adoption is always filled with the unexpected. Surprises, detours, and bumps in the road are all quite normal and expected. A global pandemic, however, has far exceeded the usual unexpected. Families whose bags were packed to bring their children home were banned from travel by government authorities. Families who were awaiting
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In All Things Sovereign: How Two Families Unite in a Pandemic

August 28, 2020 rachelmiley
By Brooke Rowan and Jenny Riddle In a time of collective struggling, hearing about the redemptive work of the Lord is hope to a weary soul. Although COVID-19 has created many challenges to the international adoption process for many families, the Lord has been faithfully working. Through Lifeline’s Haiti program, two families experienced inexpressible joy
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As You're Considering Adoption

August 9, 2020 rachelmiley
By Neisha Roberts Our friends at Show Hope say it well: “Not everyone is called to adopt, but everyone is called to do something.” Maybe you’re at the point where you’ve prayed earnestly about adoption and felt the Holy Spirit’s urging to “find out more.” You probably have many more questions than answers at this
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'Making Time' for Self-Care

August 4, 2020 rachelmiley
Developed by Lynn Beckett, LBSW Adapted for blog by Neisha Roberts It’s the age-old conundrum for those named “mom” or “dad” — how do you keep up with all the essential (and some fun) tasks as a parent and still have time to take care of yourself? Research shows that taking a break, rest, or
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Back to School in a Pandemic

August 4, 2020 rachelmiley
Compiled by Jenny Riddle from contributions by Lynn Beckett and Angela Mains In the middle of this pandemic, almost every decision feels like the weight of the world. Lifeline Children’s Services understands that parents across the country are dealing with a myriad of feelings over schooling options this fall. Some parents have no options; some
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When Adoption Isn't Possible — (un)adopted®

July 29, 2020 rachelmiley
Excerpt from Image Bearers by Herbie Newell In 2008, on a trip to Zaporizhia, Ukraine, the Lord awoke my heart to the fact that adoption alone could not answer the cry of the orphan. It was in Ukraine that I first met a young girl named Kataya; she was reportedly 15 and desperately wanted a family.
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One Mustard Seed in Colombia

July 14, 2020 rachelmiley
By Neisha Roberts One would think you’d need a lot of effort in a small amount of time to make things happen in the middle of a global pandemic. But God shows us over and over that the tiny mustard seeds we plant along the way are what make a difference. Since 2016, Lifeline Children’s
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Celebrate Father's Day

June 19, 2020 megan
God’s Word is clear about the influence and value of a father in the life of a child. We are grateful for all dads, including biological, adoptive, and foster dads. We know that you feel the same, so we wanted to help you celebrate the dads in your church family. We created this video you can download and
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Statement from Lifeline Children’s Services on Racial Injustice

June 12, 2020 megan
Lifeline Children’s Services is heartbroken by the systemic racism and injustice that plagues our nation. We mourn and grieve for the unfathomable loss of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and the countless others who have suffered and died simply because of the color of their skin. Racial inequality is not a trivial problem to
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'Thank You' to Our Partner Healthcare Facilities

June 1, 2020 rachelmiley
We love the healthcare facilities we get to partner with through our pregnancy counseling ministry. Places like Stormont Vail Hospital in Topeka, Kansas, mean a lot to Lifeline Children’s Services and the way they make us aware of expectant mothers we can walk with and serve.   To say “thank you” and send some love
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Brother, Sister Learn About Liberia Through Mission Kid; Make Art to Raise Money

May 4, 2020 rachelmiley
By Neisha Roberts The Cheek family is one of many that has recently, and unexpectedly, opened its very own “private Christian school” while social distancing, as mom, Morgan, explained. Parents have dug down deep with creativity to fill the days with learning, fun, and for the Cheek family, the gospel. Morgan found Mission Kid on
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Response to the Unexpected: Siblings

April 28, 2020 rachelmiley
  Mutual hardship can bring either disharmony or unity.   Alexandre Dumas in “The Three Musketeers” wrote, “All for one and one for all, united we stand divided we fall.”   Winston Churchill said, “When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.”   Proverbs 17:17 states, “A friend loves at all
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