Pro-Life Means Every Life

January 8, 2018 rachelmiley
the ultimate value of human life can be found in the gospel. God the Son became a man and fulfilled the work of redemption, and the price that was paid in Jesus establishes the proper worth of people. We treasure each other not so much because of our inherent merit but because of the unfathomable worth of Jesus. At Lifeline Children’s Services, we come alongside the Body of Christ to strive to protect the unborn and to care for and shepherd the already born in ways that extend the gospel of Jesus Christ.
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Heartbreak, Hurt, and Amazing Grace

September 9, 2016 lifeline
My husband Aaron and I have been a host family in the Safe Families for Children program for two years, and we have had the privilege of hosting somewhere between 15-20 children in our home. We have hosted kids anywhere from one day to a little newborn that we brought home from the hospital and
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