National Foster Care Month: Opening the Doors of Conversation about Birth Families

May 1, 2021 rachelmiley
Compiled by Jenny Riddle with Traci Newell, LBSW, TBRI® Practitioner, Education Specialist & National Program Director for Families Count™ For foster parents, talking with children in their care about their families may be uncomfortable, particularly when circumstances are challenging. As shepherds of their children’s hearts, though, parents must recognize that a child’s understanding of his
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One Mustard Seed in Colombia

July 14, 2020 rachelmiley
By Neisha Roberts One would think you’d need a lot of effort in a small amount of time to make things happen in the middle of a global pandemic. But God shows us over and over that the tiny mustard seeds we plant along the way are what make a difference. Since 2016, Lifeline Children’s
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New York, Virginia, and Born-Alive: How will you respond?

March 1, 2019 Justin Walters
September 11, 2001 was a clear, sunny Tuesday in New York City. The Major League Baseball season was nearing the end, and the Yankees were once again in first place with the Chicago White Sox in town. Men and women scrambled from all across the many boroughs of New York City, dropping kids off at
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A Life-Affirming Approach to Being Pro-Life

August 2, 2017 rachelmiley
From our founding we have been part of the pro-life cause as we bear strong convictions that EVERY person is an image bearer of God, our Creator, and that each person is a person at the moment of conception. This conviction that every person is an image bearer, however, does not stop at conception or birth.
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July Monthly Focus: Church Initiatives and Partnerships

July 5, 2017 rachelmiley
At Lifeline, we believe we already have the answer to the world’s orphan care crisis, and the answer isn’t wrapped up in a new program, or even an old one. The answer has been right in front of us since Jesus gave it to us. The answer is the Church.
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Foster Care: The Call of the Church

July 5, 2017 rachelmiley
Leland Brown, Foster Parent   C.S. Lewis once famously said that in his conversion he was basically dragged kicking and screaming into heaven, looking everywhere for a way out, and in hindsight he was blown away by God’s mercy and humility to accept such a convert. My journey in becoming a foster parent has been
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Supporting Adoptive and Foster Families Through the Church

July 5, 2017 rachelmiley
When God’s people respond to His command to care for vulnerable children, our churches become an important part of the lives of parents, children, and siblings who are in the midst of the joyous and challenging journeys of fostering and adoption. Lifeline desires to provide resources to churches and adoptive communities with them to help
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Love Like the Father

June 13, 2017 rachelmiley
“I told them that I want to be an advocate for their son first and foremost and also an advocate for them and their other children.” The meetings continued to occur about every two weeks, where they could discuss their goals and vision for the children and Lee could challenge Mindy and Mark to work on their marriage and personal growth.
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Expanding Foster Care Impact

March 23, 2017 international
Only 19%…—a percentage that often communicates a profound lack of success, and, in this case, a profound need. In 2016, Lifeline’s foster care ministry recognized the need for more qualified and trained foster families. Because of a lack of licensed families, Lifeline was only able to place 19% of our foster care referrals in Alabama.
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March Monthly Focus: Fostering

March 1, 2017 international
The Problem Facing Fostering  In 2016, Lifeline was only able to place 19% of our foster care referrals in 2016 because we did not have enough licensed families. A lack of licensed families creates a scenario in which the number of children sleeping at the DHR office or in overcrowded residential homes is sobering. Furthermore,
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Equipped to Love- The Huff Family's Story

February 7, 2017 international
When God’s people respond to His command to care for vulnerable children, our churches will become faith families to parents, children, and siblings who are navigating the journeys of fostering and adoption. Church families want to help and support, but often do not understand how to do that in a constructive, helpful manner, which can
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Equipped to Love: How the Church Can Support Adoptive and Foster Families

January 10, 2017 international
When God’s people respond to His command to care for vulnerable children, our churches will become faith families to parents, children, and siblings who are navigating the journeys of fostering and adoption. Children who have experienced neglect, abuse, and trauma often require a unique mindset when dealing with behavioral challenges and even in everyday interactions.
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Shifts in Fostering: From Licensing to Sending Agency

October 14, 2016 international
In 2009, Lifeline Children’s Services stepped into the world of foster care with the conviction that caring for children includes family reunification, birth family ministry, and providing quality homes that show the love of Christ to children and families in crisis. Since the beginning of our work in foster care, we have been able to
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10 Ways to Engage in Foster Care Apart from Parenting

July 6, 2016 rachelmiley
We know that caring for children who are vulnerable is the Church’s call and responsibility. Below, we’ve listed ten ways that are essential and beneficial to foster families and children; they can’t and shouldn’t do it alone!
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Three Important Relationships for Temporary Dads

June 1, 2016 lifeline
I’ll never forget when our first respite care child, a three-year-old boy, came to our home. My wife and I were so excited and so nervous! All the training, home preparation, and prayer led to this moment. This little boy’s foster parents came, visited a few minutes, and left him in our temporary care. Within
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Equipping the Church to Care with Grace & Sensitivity

April 18, 2015 lifeline
In our churches, we want to honor mothers while also being cognizant of the truth that many in our church family are hurting. The nature of foster care can create a situation in which we want to be especially sensitive that Mother’s Day can be a difficult day for birth parents, foster parents, and children
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Foster Care Retreat

March 28, 2015
Lifeline’s commitment to foster care ministry extends well beyond initial training. In addition to encouragement and counseling as needed, Lifeline hosts an annual retreat for our foster families, intended to be a time of refreshment and equipping. As part of every retreat, guest speakers instruct parents regarding issues that are practical and relevant to foster
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Foster Care Chose Us

March 23, 2015
Foster care chose us. That’s what I always say, but it’s true. The Father sculpted a picture on our hearts long ago, just as a child creates imprints into modeling clay. There it lay on our hearts, pressed and fitted to our souls. We couldn’t run from foster care, just as we couldn’t outrun the
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Wonderful Are Your Works

March 20, 2015
In February, a team from Lifeline provided care for the sweet children in our foster care center in China. Their time at the center allowed for the foster staff to celebrate Chinese New Year with their families and to have some time of respite from the daily demands of caring for others. Hear how God
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Watching Him Work

March 19, 2015
Hear from an (un)adopted trip participant who recently traveled to the China Foster Center: My recent visit to Lifeline’s Foster Center was wonderful. Our purpose was to provide several days of vacation for the nannies during the Chinese New Year. Our days were simple but full as we cared for thirteen children aged eleven months
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