Family Activities to Celebrate Chinese New Year

January 14, 2020 megan
  Download this free family activity guide containing resources to help you and your family celebrate Chinese New Year. This guide includes recipes, decorating tips, crafts, and other fun activities. Download it today and discover new traditions for your family that will spark special memories every year!
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Lifeline Hosts China Delegation

October 3, 2019 megan
  In September, we had the honor of hosting an official delegation from NingXia, China at the Lifeline offices in Birmingham, Alabama. The six-member delegation was made up of government and orphanage officials from this beautiful, autonomous region in north-central China. While the group was in the United States they experienced true southern culture, heard
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5 Podcasts for Families Interested in International Adoption

January 29, 2018 rachelmiley
One of the great aspects of our Defender podcast is the ability for you to hear directly from our staff about updates or changes going on in their areas of ministry. If you are a family who is interested in international adoption, we have gathered five podcasts that will give you information and allow you to hear from several of our program directors.
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Courageous Hearts for God-Sized Challenges

January 26, 2018 rachelmiley
Stacie and Daniel Jackson have adopted twice from China. Both of their two daughters were 8 years old when they came home with their forever family. Both girls had lived a journey of significant medical needs, but the support they received from their new family led the Jacksons to experience God’s miraculous work in multiple ways.
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Program Spotlight: China

May 2, 2017 international
Lifeline’s China program is currently accepting applications for eligible families! What’s new in your program? Over the past few years, China has become more and more of a relational program. Most recently, China has invited Lifeline to participate in Kids Camps, which afford us two weeks to spend true one-on-one time getting to know a
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Changes in China | Lifeline Foster Center Update

April 19, 2017 rachelmiley
As of this week, all of the children in the care of Lifeline’s Foster Center have been moved back to their orphanages. We are saddened by the implications of this news for the children we have loved and cared for, as well as the children all over the country of China who will be affected. Although our hearts are broken over these events, we know that this was not a surprise to our Heavenly Father.
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Glimpse of Heaven | March Kids Camp 2017

March 21, 2017 lifeline
I caught a glimpse of what heaven will be like at Pump It Up this week. Yeah, I know what you are probably thinking: Allison, your version of heaven and my version do not match. Letting loose eleven Chinese speaking orphans all under the age of 12 in a room full of inflatables is not
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Overflow of His Love | Lifeline Kids Camp March 2017

March 15, 2017 rachelmiley
Tuesday was a great day! We started the day with a delicious breakfast prepared by gracious volunteers. The kids were very excited about going to the McWane Science Center for the day! We met a youth group downtown and paired the volunteers with a camper so they could explore the science center together! Victoria really
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My Adoption Story Is No Prettier Than Yours | Lifeline Kids Camp 2017

March 14, 2017 international
A Dad’s Perspective Four days into Kid’s Camp, and this dad is still emotionally processing. That’s what us guys do. We process. Slowly. (Yes! We can process emotions! It just takes us longer.) Women can go straight to “emotion-land” like we men to “fix-it-land.” It’s in their wiring. I’m wired for analysis, logic, and a
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A Smile | Lifeline Kids Camp March 2017

March 14, 2017 international
  Yesterday, I was able to spend the entire day with these 11 kiddos. We began the morning with breakfast and a trip to the Birmingham Zoo. One of the campers, Jimmy, was so excited about the zoo. Once we arrived, he was ready to go. Many volunteers and families were able to join us.
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Day Three Recap | Lifeline Kids Camp March 2017

March 14, 2017 international
Day three of Kids Camp is in the books, and man, was it one to remember! We started the day at Pump It Up, where the kids had a grand ole time on the bounce houses. We then went to lunch and tasted the quintessential American meal: cheeseburgers and fries. Afterwards was nap time and
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"Pick Me Up" | Lifeline Kids Camp March 2017

March 9, 2017 rachelmiley
“Ethan” is one of 11 children who I believe God divinely chose to bring to Lifeline’s Kids Camp from China. According to an article published by CNN August 12, 2015, “The Chinese government has said there are roughly 600,000 orphans nationwide. Other groups put the nationwide number at closer to a million orphans.” Either way, the fact that Ethan is here right now is pretty miraculous…..the odds were against him.
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China Kids Camp Arrives! |Lifeline Kids Camp March 2017

March 7, 2017 rachelmiley
As I write this, a plane is taking off from Detroit carrying 11 children and three adults on the last few hours of their journey from Chongqing, China to Birmingham, Alabama. As we anxiously await the arrival of our guests, I doubt they know what it has taken to get them here. They probably don’t know
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Why I Donated to Lifeline's Kids Camp

February 24, 2017 lifeline
Why did I donate to Lifeline’s Kids Camp? Because they had me with their SMILES! The smiles of the children when they chase bubbles across the lawn; The smiles of the children when they climb up in the volunteers lap and snuggle close; The smiles of the children when they are the center of attention
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Invaluable Training for Adoptive Parents

February 9, 2017 international
Crossings is so important because it helps prepare families to parent children from hard places. These children have so much trauma and hurt in their past and often do not respond well to "typical parenting."
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The Hike: Adopting a Child with Down Syndrome

January 4, 2017 international
Scott and his wife, Haley, adopted Eden from China as an aging out child with Down Syndrome. Listen to his story about how God calmed his heart about adopting a child with different abilities and then amazed him with the value and beauty of her precious life. “Three years ago, I was terrified at what
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A heart for China- Emerson Rose Heart Foundation

November 30, 2016 laurentaylor
  Through the generous partnership of Emerson Rose Heart Foundation Lifeline will be able to place $1500 grants on ten waiting children with heart conditions in China! Kaleb Nyle Lifeline was connected with the Emerson Rose Heart Foundation through Lifeline’s Event and Merchandise Manager, Krystal Brummitt, who recognized that Lifeline and the Emerson Rose Heart
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That Others May Know Him

November 8, 2016 international
As the (un)adopted® Coordinator, I often have the privilege of organizing and coordinating trips to our partners around the world. As much as I enjoy this aspect of my job, it doesn’t come close to that joy I experienced organizing a trip for one of our partners to come visit Lifeline in the United States.
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Reassurance in Adoption: The Tamblyn Family Adoption Testimony

September 9, 2016 lifeline
Hello, we are the Tamblyn family; John, Katherine and Lucy. My mother, who suffers from short-term memory loss, has lived with us for over 17 years and is a special member of our family, too . . . In 2005, I was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cervical cancer. My treatment involved
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Families Helping Families

August 23, 2016 lifeline
Adoptive families know the ins and outs of adoption intimately. That’s why they are some of the biggest supporters of other adoptive families—they know the challenges, the joys, and the community that is needed to surround families before and after a new child comes home. Those who have been in the trenches often find themselves
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