Merry Christmas (March Kids Camp'16: Day 3)

March 14, 2016
It brings me great comfort to know God knows each and every one of these little ones. He created them and knows them by name. How I long for them to know their Heavenly Father that loves them endlessly.
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More Than A Fishing Trip (March Kids Camp '16: Day 2)

March 11, 2016
Love really does know no bounds. I’m thankful for this reminder. And I pray that it is evident to each of our friends from China that it is only because of Christ that this is possible. It is our biggest desire that from this camp they will not only get a fun fishing experience or exposure to American life, but that the Gospel will be made known to them.
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The Kids are HERE! (March Kids Camp '16: Day One)

March 10, 2016
Their joy, smiles, fear and tears reminds us how uniquely God has made each one of them. His Word promises that they are "fearfully and wonderfully made." They are known and loved by a great, merciful personal God, and our staff has the privilege of loving them for a brief twelve day period.
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The Beginning of a Relationship

February 5, 2016 Rick Singleton
Lifeline’s heart in foster care includes loving, gospel-centered relationships with biological parents. Working toward the goal of reconciliation, we love to partner with our foster families to provide a safe and loving home for children while also loving their parents. Read about one of our families’ experience showing the love of Christ to a precious
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Meet Godwin and Winner

February 1, 2016 Rick Singleton
Meet Godwin and Winner. Godwin and Winner are twin brothers who live in Togo, Africa. They have spent most of their lives learning how to provide for themselves because they grew up without parents. Although they have spent most of their lives in an orphanage, they had the gift of growing up with one another.
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Something More Must Be Done

January 27, 2016 Rick Singleton
Since Lifeline’s founding, our experienced staff have worked closely with children who have faced severe trauma and loss. Lifeline was burdened with the desire to see something more be done for children, even before the adoption process. In addition, countless children will never have the hope of adoption. As a result, we have spent considerable time over the last year reflecting on
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Love Beyond Placement

January 27, 2016 Rick Singleton
Leah always knew she had a clear calling to be a part of foster care ministry. As a single woman, she trusted the Lord to equip for everything He called her to do. In January 2015 she got her licensure as a foster parent, and in April she got her first placement—a 7-month-old little boy.
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A Photo Changed It All

January 26, 2016 Rick Singleton
Through Lifeline’s strong partnership with China, we are able to host and facilitate Kids Camps that allow children from China to travel to the United States for two weeks. These camps allow children to experience American culture and to see and hear about the love of Jesus Christ. Many of the children who are chosen
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Confronting Sin with Calmness

January 26, 2016
In Families Count, we teach parent’s about learned behaviors. In my words, these behaviors are ones that you acquire in your lifetime through interaction with your environment, or by being taught. Often these are not taught through sit down lessons, but rather by being immersed in an environment where a behavior unfolded consistently and frequently.
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Take a trip with (un)adopted!

January 22, 2016 Rick Singleton
   Interested in taking a trip with (un)adopted? We’re glad you’re here. At (un)adopted, we have a catch phrase, “We’re not the hero.” Our trips are specifically planned to serve our partners’ needs on the ground and to make Christ and His Church made big, and our efforts and name made small. Take some
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Life Matters - The Sanctity of Human Life

January 8, 2016 Rick Singleton
Sanctity of Life Sunday is coming up on January 17, 2016..  As with Orphan Sunday, Lifeline has created resources for you and your church.  We recognize that ALL human life is sacred and precious in the eyes of our great God.  Ephesians 2:10 says “ For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which
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Living God-Centered, in a Self-Centered World

December 22, 2015
In the beginning, God created… everything. And at the height of His creative work, he chose to make mankind in His image (Genesis 1:26). God plans to make a human race, patterned after his own being, to oversee the rest of creation, and to enjoy Him forever. As the first humans, Adam and Eve lived
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Lord, We Thank You

November 25, 2015
Lord, we come before You today with a true spirit of Thanksgiving. We are in awe of who You are and the abundance of blessings You have poured out over our lives. Thank You for the beautiful way You have orchestrated Your plan and have brought families together on this day. Through adoption, foster care,
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The Blind Will See, The Deaf Will Hear

November 24, 2015
“The blind receive sight, the lame walk, those who have leprosy are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, and the good news is proclaimed to the poor.” Matthew 11:5 Meet Angelina. She is unforgettable. Angelina lives in Uganda and was born without the ability to hear. In her community, being deaf is often
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Holiday Tips for New Adoptive Families

November 23, 2015
Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas! We hope this finds you with a cup of hot chocolate in hand sitting by the fire with all your loved ones sitting peacefully around you (we can always dream right?!).  We wanted to send you some encouragement and some practical tips that might help in the transition of having
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Perfect Harmony: A Journey of Heartache and Hope

November 22, 2015
Composers work tirelessly for hours on end with hopes that the masterpiece they are creating will be loved by listeners for time to come. Every note, pitch, bar, transition, feeling, and emotion are taken into consideration with great detail. They matter. Each note affects the way the next is heard and every tiny detail is
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A Life of Thanksgiving

November 3, 2015
I love everything about Fall. The weather. The colors. The apple cider. Everything. And I love how Fall naturally brings up certain feelings—remembering, wistfulness, thanksgiving. As October rolls into November, Fall can also feel like a runaway train. The holidays are right around the corner, and our to-do lists continue to lengthen as we care
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Sewing Seeds of Life

November 1, 2015
My wife and I recently had a student recount to us a literal life or death moment that she experienced in the midst of a difficult season. Our students in the Families Count Ministry are precious men and women who, like all, of us are dealing with sin; but for them, the issues have reached
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Waiting Children

October 31, 2015
In the world of orphan care, adoption, and advocacy, the term “waiting child” is often used when referring to children. However, understanding what that phrase means can be imprecise. We wanted to take this opportunity to help shed some light onto this term, as you likely will see and hear it as we advocate for
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Biblical Principles of Caring for Children

October 30, 2015
Whether I’m teaching adoptive parents in the United States or caregivers in an orphanage, children’s home, or school in the international context, I’m able to instructionally hold to certain principles of education that I know to be true. One month after returning from a bustling high-rise filled city in China, I found myself walking the
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