Statement from Lifeline Children’s Services on Racial Injustice

June 12, 2020 megan
Lifeline Children’s Services is heartbroken by the systemic racism and injustice that plagues our nation. We mourn and grieve for the unfathomable loss of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and the countless others who have suffered and died simply because of the color of their skin. Racial inequality is not a trivial problem to
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Lifeline Grows with Partnership in Louisiana

October 21, 2019 megan
God is continually opening doors for His ministry through Lifeline to grow, and we are excited to share that we have been licensed to assist families in Louisiana with international adoption services! Later this fall, Lifeline will begin to serve Louisiana churches and families by providing International adoption services across the state. We are pleased
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Lifeline Hosts China Delegation

October 3, 2019 megan
  In September, we had the honor of hosting an official delegation from NingXia, China at the Lifeline offices in Birmingham, Alabama. The six-member delegation was made up of government and orphanage officials from this beautiful, autonomous region in north-central China. While the group was in the United States they experienced true southern culture, heard
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New financial aid available for Colombia Adoptions!

November 9, 2018 rachelmiley
We have amazing news! This year, we had the privilege of hosting 10 children from Colombia when they visited the USA for Lifeline’s Kids Camp. Five of the children have found forever families already, but five of these precious children are still in need of families. They are currently back in Colombia, and it is our joy to advocate for
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Running For Change

September 5, 2018 rachelmiley
Lifeline Children’s Services will host its 7th annual R(un) For One 5K on Saturday, September 8th at 8 AM at locations across the nation. One hundred percent of the proceeds from the run will go towards (un)adopted’s work in 13 countries to reach orphaned and vulnerable children with the hope of the gospel and equip them with the life skills needed to bring about community transformation.
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$300 Scholarship Available to Families Adopting Internationally

June 25, 2018 rachelmiley
    Many times financial barriers can be an obstacle to families embarking on an adoption journey. We understand that funding an international adoption is daunting, so Lifeline strives to provide support and relief, whenever possible, for families. We are excited to share that a group of families have provided $300 scholarships to new applicant
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Lifeline Opens Office In Texas

June 7, 2018 rachelmiley
Lifeline Children’s Services has recently expanded its resources to Texas to serve the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The Texas office offers programs for domestic and international adoption, crisis pregnancy services, and family restoration classes.
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Lifeline Partners with Manna for the Masses

May 23, 2018 rachelmiley
Lifeline Children’s Services® is excited to announce a partnership with Manna for the Masses, an organization founded to help stretch donation dollars to their maximum potential. Manna for the Masses utilizes their unique access to overstock goods such as t-shirts, socks, athletic wear and other garments at a whole sale price to meet the needs
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Lifeline Introduces New Building Space

April 25, 2018 rachelmiley
If you are a friend of Lifeline, you probably noticed the deep extent to which our staff connects and integrates with one another for the purpose of our ministry. For that reason, moving into one office has been a consistent goal and dream of our ministry for several years. Between opening new locations across the
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Lifeline Provides Needed Training for Colombian Foster Families

February 28, 2018 rachelmiley
This past weekend we held our very first foster parent training in Colombia. ICBF is the child welfare division of the Colombian government which oversees foster families and adoption. They were so gracious to give us this opportunity to pilot a program to educate local Colombian foster families through a two-part training.
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Lifeline Partners with Planet Fundraiser

February 16, 2018 rachelmiley
  Looking for an easy way to make a big difference? Lifeline has recently partnered with Planet Fundraiser, an organization that allows businesses near you to support causes that YOU care about. When you shop, vendors indicate a percentage they will donate from your purchase.   What is Planet Fundraiser?  Businesses near you choose a
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Lifeline Kansas Expands with CPO Ministry

January 19, 2018 rachelmiley
The Lifeline Kansas team is excited to announce some big news about how God is working! In the Fall of 2017 Lifeline was approached and asked by the Caring Pregnancy Options board if we would pray about taking on their ministry in Topeka, Kansas. We were happy to tell the CPO board we would be thrilled
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$300 Scholarship Available for Lifeline Families

November 1, 2017 rachelmiley
Many times financial barriers can be an obstacle to families embarking on an adoption journey. We understand that funding an international adoption is daunting, so Lifeline strives to provide support and relief, whenever possible, for families.
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Adoption and Fostering Counseling Services are Growing

September 22, 2017 rachelmiley
Walking with families through their adoption and fostering journeys is one of the joys of our staff at Lifeline. Understanding the great need for families to receive support after a new child comes home, we have been privileged to open up our counseling ministry to help adoptive and fostering families grow and love in a
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A Celebration of Beginnings: India

September 1, 2017 lifeline
The Master Architect Burdened to adopt from India, the Nichols family attended an informational meeting at Lifeline in 2014, knowing that an international adoption program for India was not yet in existence. But, God was busy behind the scenes, crafting a beautiful story that no one could have imagined. Unknown to the Nichols, Lifeline was
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August Monthly Focus: (un)adopted

August 24, 2017 rachelmiley
Problem: At Lifeline, we believe that orphan care must be a multi-faceted approach. Adoption is a beautiful part of God’s call to care for orphans; however, only a tiny fraction of adoptable children are adopted each year—from within their birth country or internationally. The difficult truth is that children who do not have a forever
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2nd Quarter Defender Report | 2017

August 9, 2017 rachelmiley
The gospel is reaching vulnerable children and families through Lifeline, and we want to share some of the exciting things made possible through the gifts of our partners. Read further updates here.
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July Monthly Focus: Church Initiatives and Partnerships

July 5, 2017 rachelmiley
At Lifeline, we believe we already have the answer to the world’s orphan care crisis, and the answer isn’t wrapped up in a new program, or even an old one. The answer has been right in front of us since Jesus gave it to us. The answer is the Church.
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June Monthly Focus: Alumni Families

June 9, 2017 lifeline
Why Alumni Families Are Important Alumni families are invaluable! Their experiences and first-hand knowledge make them some of the greatest sources of encouragement and wisdom for others. Like-minded families, who have gone through similar circumstances, can be a beacon of hope for others who are struggling, overwhelmed, or find themselves in unfamiliar territory. Talking with
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What happens to children who age out in China?

June 6, 2017 lifeline
In the United States, only 8% of children adopted from China were adopted at ages older than 4. Statistically, that means once a child turns 5 their chances of being adopted dramatically decrease. In China, once a child turns 14 they are no longer available for international adoption. As our ministry seeks to advocate for
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