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Does your child struggle with working memory, visual or auditory processing, social skills, attention, critical thinking, or communicating ideas? Understanding how the brain works can be challenging for any family. Combine this difficulty with educating children from vulnerable situations, and you may begin to feel frustrated and, at times, hopeless. BUT, there is hope! We not only serve the God of hope, but the God who has allowed science to see the brain in a new way: research has proven that the brain can change!


Our educational support team at Bridge Educational Services is to be a resource to your family as you navigate your child’s educational journey. Whether you homeschool, attend public school or private school, we want to help develop and implement an educational plan. Bridge Plans are designed to help families and schools see your child’s individual needs and partner with schools and families to meet those educational needs.


Our educational support team at Bridge use a variety of academic, sensory-motor, and cognitive screening tools that can be helpful in highlighting your child’s giftedness and possible learning differences. The evaluation is designed to look at the whole child, not merely one particular area. The evaluation process also helps design your child’s Bridge Plan.


The Bridge Educational Services team uses a variety academic and cognitive tutoring techniques and tools. The team works to implement Equipping Minds Cognitive Developmental Curriculum. This is a research based, scientifically tested cognitive program designed to strengthen working memory, processing speed, attention and visual/auditory processing. Primitive reflex integration techniques are also used to strengthen sensory-motor development. Several of our therapist tutors are experienced educators who work to interweave cognitive developmental therapy and academic tutoring in order to serve the whole child.


Sensory-Motor skills are some of the first skills developed in the brain. Due the research we have on trauma, we know that trauma can effect the sensory and motor systems during development. We also know that sensory and motor skills can play a huge role in behavior and regulation. The Bridge Educational Services team can walk families through sensory-motor activities that have been proven to aide in integration of the sensory system, strengthen the motor system and helps in children learning self regulation.



When you fill out the form below, your inquiry will be sent to one of Lifeline's Education Specialists who will reach out to you to schedule an introductory call.


During the introductory call, a Lifeline Education Specialist will walk you through our services and approach in more detail. This will also be a time for you to ask questions and share about your child and their specific needs.


After the introductory call, your Lifeline Education Specialist will follow up with services recommended for your child, fees, and next steps for getting started.


"Bridge Educational Services and Ann Maura Hinton have been an answer to prayer for our family! After trying countless therapies, educational programs, tutoring, etc, our 8 year old child has benefited most from our time with Mrs. Hinton/Bridge Educational Services. The integration of emotional, physical, and cognitive therapies have been amazingly powerful for our daughter. It has given her greater emotional regulation, improved her working memory, and enhanced her processing abilities. She loves the books, games, exercises, and manipulatives that Mrs. Hinton uses and she looks forward to her therapy time every week. Mrs. Hinton's experience, wisdom, intentionality, and patience have been such a gift to us, with the bonus that we're able to do it all from the convenience of our own home. We are so grateful to Lifeline for offering the support of this invaluable service - it has been a game changer for our child and family as a whole! Thank you, Lifeline and Bridge Educational Services!"