Brazil Financial Information

Lifeline Agency Fees:

Application – $300

This non-refundable fee is due at submission of your application.  Once the application is accepted, then it will be processed by Lifeline to ensure you meet agency and country requirements.  Acceptance of the application constitutes the beginning of the home study process.

Home Study – $2000 (in-network families only)

The non-refundable home study fee covers the following. A Lifeline caseworker will assist you in completing required supporting documentation such as background checks, autobiographies, financial information, medical forms, and references. All members of your household will be interviewed as part of the home study assessment. Once all required interviews and paperwork are completed, your caseworker will write a detailed home study report that will meet state, USCIS, and country requirements. The report will be reviewed by the country program point and approved by the social work supervisor in your state. You will receive several original, notarized copies of the report to use throughout your adoption process.  The home study is an evaluation and an assessment of your family’s readiness to adopt.  The payment of the above fee has no bearing on the outcome or approval of the home study and in no way serves to guarantee continued progress through the adoption process.

Orphan Care – $250

This non-refundable fee goes toward (un)adopted, Lifeline’s orphan care ministry. This fee will be paid twice when adopting twins.

Administration Fee – $1000

The non-refundable administrative fee covers all administrative overhead for your adoption process.

Post Adoption/Placement Services – $2000 (in-network) $1000 (out-of-network)

Lifeline recognizes while adoption is a good and beautiful thing, it is also filled with many struggles and challenges. Lifeline desires to care for our families in ways that go above and beyond the typical adoption journey. We have developed a team of licensed social workers, therapists and counselors who will walk alongside your family for a lifetime as you navigate the joys and challenges that adoption brings. Once you have become a part of the Lifeline family, support services are available to your family even after the submission of your final post-adoption/placement report. For in-state families, Post Adoption/Placement Services fee includes the post visits and reports.

There are additional fees for professional counseling, therapy or consultation, which are available in limited service areas on a contractual basis.

Post Adoption/Placement Management – $1000

Lifeline’s non-refundable Post Adoption Management fee covers administrative overhead provided by our Post Adoption Team.

Third-Party Fees:

Out-of-Pocket Pre-Placement Expenses – $13,049-$13,299

This fee includes document preparation during the home study process and the preparation of your dossier. This include: CIS Application, finger prints, PAP’s passports, education, shipping fees to Lifeline, medicals, document authentication and USCIS updates.

Out-of-Pocket In-Country Expenses – $3,800

This fee includes: representative fee, child medical exam, birth certificate and passport for one child, US visa for one child, and authentication and translation of adoption decree.

Out-of-Pocket Post-Adoption Expenses – $530

Fees to be paid after the family’s return home with child. Fees vary based on states.

Travel Expenses:

Travel Expenses – $12,910

All travel expenses are estimates and can vary based on the time of travel, preferences and number of individuals traveling. These fees include, but are not limited to, hotel accommodations, guide service, transportation, international flights and meals.