A Church Ambassador is someone with a passion for engaging their church in ministry to Orphan and Vulnerable children.

Do you have a passion to see your church engaged in ministry to orphans and vulnerable children? Lifeline shares your passion, and we would like to help your church in accomplishing its mission. You can help by becoming a Lifeline Church Ambassador.

Lifeline Church Ambassadors perform a key role by serving as a liaison between Lifeline and the local church. As a Lifeline Church Ambassador, you will have access to news, training, and support resources, and you will help Lifeline to know the needs of your church so that we can help you more effectively.

Through Lifeline’s Church Ambassador program, you can fill an important gap as a liaison between Lifeline and your church.

As a Church Ambassador you will have the opportunity to:

  • Advocate for waiting children and child available for sponsorship.
  • Receive regular updates about opportunities for church involvement.
  • Join special trainings and conference calls intended to equip and empower church leaders.
  • Introduce your church to some great partnership opportunities and resources.

You do not have to be a pastor or a veteran orphan care advocate to become a Church Ambassador. If you have a heart for the gospel and vulnerable children and a couple of hours a month to give, you have everything you need to be a great Lifeline Church Ambassador.

To learn more about becoming a Church Ambassador or to sign up, please complete the form below, and we will be in touch.

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Church partnership opportunities and resources: