Atlanta Road Trip (March Kids Camp ’16: Day 6)

On Monday I was able to spend the day with the sweet kids visiting us from China. Y’all. They have my heart and they have only been here since Tuesday.
We started the morning off early and headed to Atlanta! Our first stop was Trinity Christian School, and they were so welcoming and were ready to love on the kiddos. The children were able to play outside for recess, enjoy lunch in the cafeteria, and attend a music class. They heard the story of Noah’s Ark and then sang some fun songs with some first grade students. At the end of music class the teacher put on some praise and worship music videos with sign language. The Chinese children LOVED it!! They were the sweetest little things singing and dancing to music praising the Lord. They may not have known what they were singing, but the Lord can use all things to reveal Himself, and draw His children to Him. Please pray with us for the kids who are here for these two weeks—that God will use their experiences to make Himself known to them. That they would one day experience His love, mercy, and saving grace.
After we finished our classes at school we went to visit some horses at a local stable. The kids were able to brush and groom horses, they even got to give one a pedicure! But I think the favorite activity at the stables was feeding the horses carrots—they must have gone through 3 bags! The children held out their hand with a carrot carefully placed atop, shaking a bit at the unknown, as they waited for the horse to take the food. Their faces as the horse’s tongue grabbed the carrot out of their hands were priceless! It is such a blessing to be able to experience these things with the kids—a huge display of God’s love and grace. Everyone also enjoyed showing off their decorated cowboy hats and posing for Wild West pictures.
Kids Camp
Our last stop of the day was for dinner at Truetts Luau, a Hawaiian style Chick-fil-a. The waterfalls and ukelele players were a big hit with the kids! Some of the Lifeline families in Georgia who have adopted children from China were able to join us for dinner.
I loved being able to see the full story seated at a table. Some who were once orphans, now adopted, and others who are orphans now, and we hope will one day be adopted into an earthly family. However, our ultimate prayer is that they all, like us, will be adopted into our Father’s heavenly family.

Written By: Kadie Laughlin, Lifeline Kids Camp volunteer and wife to Matt Laughlin, (un)adopted Director.