She Is Known – The Buchanan’s Story

Today we had an appointment at the U.S. Embassy to receive Gabby’s visa. We had to hop around to different office windows gathering different documents. Each window gave us a slip with her given name at birth since her name was not legally changed to Gabby yet. The slips all read: SINDHU UNKNOWN. Sindhu Unknown.

For 13 months, our baby’s surname was “Unknown.” Talk about heart ache. I had to fight back tears the entire appointment and ended up pacing around outside chugging a Cherry Coke and eating an entire Mr. Goodbar for comfort. Even though I’ve been filling out paperwork with her given name for the past six months, reading it today was so hard.

The Lord gently and graciously reminded me that although her given surname was “Unknown” her official title was, is, and will forever be “CHILD OF GOD!” (cue the water works as the sweet man working concession stand stares at me concerned).

Praising God for the gift of adoption. Praising Him that he modeled adoption for us. Praising Him that ALL of our names in His eyes are CHILDREN OF GOD. HUGE praise that He has gifted us with our little Gabby Marie Sindhu Buchanan. Unknown no longer.

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