From a Father to Fathers

I cannot necessarily say I’m a man’s man. I mean, sure, I love sports and a good action movie, but I’ve never been terribly macho or one to take risks.

Now honestly, I know those stereotypical things are not what makes a man, but let’s face it, we can be deceived into thinking such silliness. When we began our adoption journey, there was a particular risk-aversion I had to overcome: money. With the estimated costs of adoption in the neighborhood of $30,000, this wasn’t just daunting, it was practically debilitating. I had shared this fear with two other godly men, both of whom adopted internationally, and each one said almost the exact same thing to me: don’t let money be an obstacle to adoption.

Those words rumbled through my head and my heart as I considered all the times Tiffany and I had talked about adoption.

Everything began to change at the end of 2013, when within the span of a few short weeks the Lord confirmed the call to adoption in our hearts. We completed the initial application process, but I could not get past the expense of adoption as I wondered and worried from where the money would come; that is until Tiffany said something to me that put it all in perspective: if we can pay for a minivan, we can pay for an adoption. That one comment gave me a tangible point of reference and I was able to fully commit.

Taking up the cause of the fatherless is a biblical mandate (Isaiah 1:17 | Psalm 82:3), and if it’s important to God, He will make a way.

It was critically important for me as the leader of our household to trust in God and the calling He placed upon our lives. With that trust, I shared the calling with our family. Sure there were some skeptics, but we received love and unwavering support from those who knew us best. Next, we felt movement when I shared the call to adopt with our church family. The synergistic power of the Holy Spirit began surging through our church in amazing ways as they overwhelmingly answered the call to walk with us in our adoption journey. Then, we took our story out into the greater community and connected with people and organizations that share a passion for orphan care. That was when the unbelievable commenced as God blew our minds by strengthening existing relationships; forging new relationships with others on differing stages of a similar journey; and before we knew it, the need was met.

Did you know that humans process fear and faith in the same part of the brain, the amygdala?

Personally, I had to get over the fear of not having enough money and turn it into faith in the One who moves mountains. It started with a little perspective from my wife, grew as I learned to trust in God, and really began changing my life when we connected with others who also believe in taking up the cause of the fatherless. As I look back, it is nothing short of miraculous, but it is more than just dollars and cents…miracles occur when people rally together to answer God’s call, each one doing his or her part, to make a difference in the life of others.

Speaking to you man to man, let me share something from the bottom of my heart: where God plants the vision, God provides the provision.

I admit that part of this journey for me has been more of a test of faith than finances, but when I gained a little perspective, trusted more deeply in the Lord, answered God’s call, and connected with other followers of Jesus, miracles materialized. This is God’s business and I am convinced He is looking for ways to bless all of His children.

So allow me to close with the same advice I had to receive twice to truly understand: don’t let money be an obstacle to adoption. If God is giving you a vision, God will give you the provision. Trust me, not because I’m a man’s man, but because I overcame my fear with faith and trust in my heavenly Father who has given us all a mandate: to take up the cause of the fatherless.

Mark Jordan, Lifeline Georgia Father

markjordanThe Jordan family in January 2015.

markjordan2The precious little girl who will soon be part of the Jordan family.

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