Change One Life- Global Orphan Care

If we believe that every life is created in the image of God, then we must care about the global orphan crisis. The numbers are bleak- of those children for whom adoption is in their best interest, a small fraction will find permanence in a family. That’s where the local church steps in. The story of Johnny and Kevin is one example of how the local church in Bogota, Columbia, provided care for the vulnerable in its own community.  

Johnny and Kevin are siblings who live in one of Lifeline’s partner homes. They are older teenagers who began to lose hope because no families ever stepped forward to adopt them. A family from a local church in Bogota saw their struggle and began mentoring Johnny and Kevin. Over the next year and a half, their outlook on life improved drastically because they finally had someone to support them. The family invested in Johnny and Kevin’s lives by teaching them the gospel and discipling them.  The Lord truly moved through this family in the local church.  

Johnny and Kevin’s lives were changed through the support of their local church. You can be a part of our efforts to equip and empower the local church in countries around the world. Donate today to Change One Life.