About Us

Lifeline Children’s Services is a full-service adoption and orphan care ministry, serving families and children in the United States and around the globe.  We began as a domestic adoption ministry, caring for women walking through unplanned and often crisis pregnancies. By God’s grace, Lifeline has since grown in ways we never could have imagined.

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Our Mission

Lifeline Children’s Services exists to provide a hope and a future through the Gospel for children around the world by discipling, engaging and equipping people towards adoption, foster care, and orphan care.

Lifeline exists because of what Christ accomplished on the cross. Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection made a way for those who would trust in Him as Savior and Lord to have everlasting Hope. He died so that we might live, as children of God. The reason our staff comes to work each day is for the Gospel of Christ to be made known in all nations.

We acknowledge that it’s not America, a nice home, a great education, three meals a day, adoption or even a family that is the hope for children. Christ is the hope and the future in our mission. It is by Him, to Him, and through Him we are able to accomplish the work set before us. We are grateful for the opportunity to love and serve birthmothers who are often in despair, children who cry out for the love of a family, and men and women who long for a child.

Below are the three primary arms of Lifeline’s Ministry. Each holds an array of ways you can join us in praying, sharing, serving and giving as we share the hope found only in Jesus Christ.

How is Lifeline’s Mission Accomplished?

We partner with the local church.

Lifeline is here to help the Church respond to the command in James 1:27; “to care for orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself unstained from the world.” We acknowledge the church is the Bride of Christ, and while our Staff, as believers are discipling, equipping, and engaging people to care for the fatherless, it will ultimately be accomplished in and through the Bride of Christ- His Church. Lifeline seeks and prays for missional families who understand that this journey is so much greater than our own plans, timeframes, and desires, and who ultimately want God’s Glory in the end.

What do we do?

Domestic Adoption 

In 1981, Lifeline began to promote the sanctity of life through domestic adoption services. Lifeline ministers to the needs of young women in the midst of unplanned pregnancies by providing counseling, and spiritual, emotional and medical support to women who need help. In addition, we offer the option of maternity home care. Lifeline Village is a place where women can live during and in the months following their pregnancy. Here they are counseled, supported, and encouraged as well as provided the prenatal medical care they may need. We thank the Lord for the 1,000 children Lifeline has placed into forever families domestically.

International Adoption 

Lifeline began responding to the needs of orphans internationally in 1999 and currently has 15 country programs. Lifeline offers a full range of consulting and social services to prospective adoptive parents designed to minimize the stress, time and costs associated with the successful adoption of a child internationally.

Foster Care 

Lifeline has partnered with local churches and the family and child services in multiples states (currently, AL, GA, and TN, with other states in development) to recruit, train and license Christian foster families for children in the foster care system, starting in Alabama and expanding elsewhere. For many children and families who have never been exposed to the Gospel, our foster parents are the hands and feet of Jesus Christ to these in need.


Lifeline provides training for families adopting internationally through Lifeline’s Crossings Curriculum. Crossings is an interactive training intended to help prepare and equip families for the joys and challenges that come with the journey of international adoption. The information is presented from a Biblical and Christian worldview with an emphasis placed on adoption of older children and children with special needs. Some topics addressed during Crossings include: understanding development, behavioral effects of trauma, neurochemistry changes, sensory processing disorder, parent attachment styles, behavioral change, healthy attachment, and other relevant issues. The education provided during Crossings has been derived from a number of reliable resources highlighting Trust-Based Relational Intervention® presented by the TCU Institute of Child Development. Crossings also provides the opportunity for adoptive families to ask questions, meet other individuals who are on the adoptive journey, and hear from those who have gone before them in this process. We are currently expanding Crossings to incorporate more in-depth domestic adoption, foster care, and birth parent training resources.


Throughout the world there are more than 153 million orphans. Once these children reach a certain age (around 16 years old), they are released from government care to make it on their own without any aid. The call to rescue the orphan in distress cannot be fulfilled through adoption alone. (un)adopted, a ministry of Lifeline, exists to provide a hope and a future for orphans around the world by facilitating a safe environment to disciple and equip children in need. Visit unadopted.org to learn more.