A Smile | Lifeline Kids Camp March 2017



Yesterday, I was able to spend the entire day with these 11 kiddos. We began the morning with breakfast and a trip to the Birmingham Zoo. One of the campers, Jimmy, was so excited about the zoo. Once we arrived, he was ready to go. Many volunteers and families were able to join us. Each of the 11 kids looked in awe as they saw animals that they had never seen before. Another camper, Ethan, had a constant smile across his face as he walked around the park. The kids were able to ride the train around the park, which was a great end to an exciting adventure at the zoo.

Lifeline hosted a China reunion in which families were able to come and hang out with each other and the 11 campers. It was a carnival theme complete with games, food, and new friends. The kids spent the majority of the afternoon having a blast dancing and playing different games.

Later in the afternoon, I was able to play with both Fran and Randall. They loved when I would try to pronounce words they were saying in Chinese. During this time, I realized the importance of laughter. Even though we were not able to communicate through words, we were able to break through that barrier with laughter and a smile. This is when the quote, “A smile is the same in all languages” became real for me. I was able to realize that it doesn’t matter if we are born in Alabama or halfway around the world in China, we all can share two things: love and a smile.

How amazing is our God that he brought 11 kids all the way from China to Birmingham, Alabama? HE has a plan for each of these kids. Please keep these precious ones in your prayers that they will know how much they are loved and will be forever prayed for.

written by McKenzie Bussman, Lifeline Intern

Lifeline Kids Camp is a valuable time for us to show the love of Christ to these children and their caretakers. For more information about Kids Camp or how you can show your support, visit