A Photo Changed It All

Through Lifeline’s strong partnership with China, we are able to host and facilitate Kids Camps that allow children from China to travel to the United States for two weeks. These camps allow children to experience American culture and to see and hear about the love of Jesus Christ. Many of the children who are chosen to attend camp are considered “hard to place” with a forever family because of their medical needs. Because of the concentrated time with these children, Lifeline is able to learn about each individual child to better advocate in finding a forever family. In March 2015, Lifeline held its second children’s camp in partnership with an orphanage in China. One of the children who came during this camp was a little girl named Lucy.

The Lord put adoption on Heith and Aimee Comer’s hearts during 2013, and, at first, they decided to pursue adoption from Haiti. After completing the steps needed for their process quickly and efficiently, they waited and waited and waited. Through many months and much frustration that led them to question whether they were really following the Lord in adoption, they felt led to change to China. Another home study was done; another US immigration process was completed; and the couple waited again.

In May 2015 Aimee inquired about a little girl they had noticed on the list of waiting children but learned she was on hold with another family. As she was talking with her Lifeline worker, she noticed Lucy’s picture among photos that were posted from camp. And, as did many others who had met Lucy during camp, Aimee fell in love with her smile. This girl is small in stature, but huge in personality—Aimee saw that in her picture!

The Comer’s requested Lucy’s file, and, upon learning of her medical needs, they were apprehensive. In fact, they were so apprehensive that they decided they could not proceed with Lucy. That day was June 2, 2015.

But, six days later, the Lord spoke to Aimee and Heith through a sermon. God assured them that He was in control of Lucy’s life and theirs, and that they needed to move forward with Lucy. They emailed their social worker before even leaving the church parking lot to check on Lucy! Through a community of people—other adoptive parents, the physician who saw Lucy while she was at camp, and many praying friends—the Comer’s were at peace throughout the rest of their process, which was helpful because the rest of their process flew by! On September 11th, the Comers flew to China to adopt Lucy.

A quote from Aimee’s blog puts their story in perspective: “I think back to the months and months of waiting on the Haitian government and how discouraged I was. I am pretty sure I said some pretty negative things about the Haiti process because of the wait. That was not Haiti’s fault—it was mine. When we were trying to adopt from Haiti, I was trying to drive this entire process myself. I was not praying nearly enough about it and for sure wasn’t looking for God’s wisdom in making decisions. I was so aggravated that things didn’t move forward in Haiti and blamed the government for it all (sorry Haiti). The reality is, God knew all along our daughter wasn’t in Haiti—she was in China and was just waiting on us to come get her.”

On September 27th, the Comer family arrived home in Birmingham, Alabama. Since then, life has been full of adjustments and big and small firsts for Lucy—first manicure, first Christmas, first time making Taco Soup—all things that Aimee and Heith know were part of God’s plan for their family. And, all things set into motion through the opportunity the Lord has given Lifeline to host Kids Camps!