A Family for Five

August 16, 2016 rachelmiley Blog

Lifeline is currently advocating for a sibling group of 5 precious children from Latin America. The central authority will need to separate the sibling group very soon if they do not have a family that can parent them all together. There are four girls and one boy, and they all range between ages 2-12 years old. Our in-country team has had the privilege of meeting these children and with their caretakers. They expressed that the children deeply desire a forever family and are very attached with other another. They are described as intelligent, sweet children. Please read more about them below!

Costa Rica siblings

*For the safety and protection of these children, we are unable to show their faces in a public forum.

She is very joyful, respectful and loves telling jokes. She loves to dance, make crafts, play and go on walks.

She is very caring, respectful and loves to smile. She likes to spend time playing, dancing watching TV and going on walks. She is a good student.

She is full of joy respectful and affectionate. She likes playing in groups and is a good leader.

She is an independent girl who is very joyful.

He enjoys playing with his friends, especially outside, and watching TV.

How Can You Help?

  • Adopt: Is the Lord calling you to consider adopting these kiddos? Please don’t hesitate to ask questions and pray about whether this may be an option for your family.
  • Advocate: Share our social media posts about this sibling group, reach out to families you know who may be called to adopt them, spread the word about their need for a family!
  • Pray: For a family to be called to be a forever home for these children, for their hearts, and for the Lord’s plan for their life.
  • Give: Adoption can be expensive, and has the potential to be a deterrent to families considering the call. Your financial gift could make a difference in children’s lives being changed forever through family. www.lifelinechild.org/give

If you would like to learn more or help advocate, please contact Lauren Jefferson immediately at lauren.jefferson@lifelinechild.org or 205.967.0811. We greatly appreciate your prayers for them and will be happy to answers any questions you may have.

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