8 Prayers for Camp | Summer Kids Camp 2016: Day 4

I was blessed to get to know eight little girls from China yesterday. These girls brought me great joy and grabbed my heart. They are no longer images on a postcard, but now voices, faces, hearts, and prayers. 

The day began with breakfast, water games and slip-n-slide. With wet hair and happy faces, we went over to the gym for some ball games and a puppet show performed by the wonderful ladies at Asbury Church.

The girls loved the puppets! One of the songs they performed was “Jesus Loves Me” in Chinese. After that is was a lunch the girls treasured, a big pot of chicken noodle soup, followed by naps (accompanied by puzzle time, Barbie salon, and lots of laughter)!


In the evening, we celebrated Christmas, hearing how Christ was born and why we celebrate Him. We colored stockings, finger-painted the beauty and simplicity of the manager scene, and decorated cupcakes with red and green. The girls treasured the gift of book bags filled with coloring books, crayons, paints, and all of the things little girls adore. It was soon time for bed, the girls were clean in their beds and off to sleep and I made the drive home from Huntsville to Birmingham with much time to think and talk to the Lord.

I left with a mission:  Pray and ask for you to pray with me for each of the girls.


Darcy is wise, kind, and grateful. She seems to approach the unknowns of life with bravery, wisdom and a smile. Pray she will be an example for the other older girls. She displays a special kind of grace and composure that are worth modeling.

Lottie is the second youngest in the group. She brings joy and smiles everywhere she goes. She is laid back and loves to laugh. Her eager, wide eyes make you want to see the world through them. Pray for her joy and happiness to continue to shine brightly as the Lord watches over and shines through her.

Dottie is active and playful. She is happy running around with her friends and swinging high on the swing set. Pray for her to know she is fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God, and she can trust Him and follow Him.

Dorah is not a follower, but paves her own way. She enjoys boy bands, music, and dancing. Pray for Dorah to see the Love of Christ through the volunteers and Lifeline Staff and for her to be at peace where she is.

Dani is a firecracker. She is the “ring leader” and not afraid to stand out from the crowd. She is nurturing with the little ones. Pray for Dani’s heart to be captured by Christ while she is at camp. Pray for her to see that she is known and loved.

Leila is a sweet little one who loves to snuggle. She is the youngest in the group and loves to be held and take naps on shoulders. Pray for all those who hold her and care for her to be just small, tangible display of the way the Lord holds her and cares for her.

Landry is a peaceful, sweet heart. She is gentle, graceful and a colors beautifully. Please pray for Landry to trust that the Lord has a plan for her life.

Dina is quiet and likes to participate in the fun. She seems to want to experience life and enjoy what she is doing at the time. She is content. Pray for Dina to enjoy her time at camp and make memories she will hold onto forever.

There are hundreds of ways to pray for each of the girls, but these are some of the ways we can thank the Lord for the children He has created with great care and purpose.  I pray each girl would experience an earthly adoption one day and most importantly know God as their Father.

Written by: Krisha Yanko, Development Director at Lifeline Children’s Services.