Webinar: Presenting Adoption Without Fear

April 18, 2017 brianaremkus Blog

presenting adoption without fear webinar
Presenting Adoption Without Fear
Tuesday, May 23, 1 pm – 2 pm CST


This webinar seeks to inform and equip participants with the knowledge and confidence they need to present the option of adoption to women and men facing unplanned pregnancies. Oftentimes, our fear of saying the wrong thing or giving misinformation can prevent us from sharing information about adoption. This webinar will remind participants of the origin of adoption and remove barriers for this information to be shared with those who need to hear it. If you are a Pregnancy Resource Center volunteer, youth pastor/volunteer, college pastor/volunteer, social service provider, school counselor, etc., this webinar is for you!


Traci-Newell1-1024x1024Traci Newell, Education Coordinator: Traci Newell is a licensed social worker and a graduate of the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She serves as Education Coordinator at Lifeline and is responsible for the development and implementation of education initiatives within the foster care and domestic adoption departments. As a former foster mom and mother of two daughters through adoption, Traci’s desire is to share the grace of Christ through these ministries.


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