Hope Mackey, LMSW

North Alabama Social Worker

Herbert Newell


Leah Riley, MEd, ALC, NCC

Pregnancy Counselor

Mindy Ellis, CPA

Accounting Manager

Rick Morton

Vice President of Engagement

Blake Wilson

Vice President of Operations

Kathryn White

Accounts Payable Specialist

Matt Laughlin

Director, (un)adopted

Lea Anne Parker, LGSW

Vice President of Social Services

Christie Mac Segars

Vice President of Domestic Programs

Veronica Pierce

North Alabama Social Worker

Laura Fletcher, LGSW

Alabama Foster Care Social Worker

Josh Caldwell

International Director

Dana Stewart

Domestic Administrative Coordinator

Taylor Guinn

Adoption Specialist I

Katie Lyn McKinney

China Program Administrative Assistant

Chris Leist

Ministry Logistician

Kristin Maynard

Assistant to the Executive Director

Jennifer Travis, LCSW

Alabama Domestic Services Supervisor

Justin Walters

IT Coordinator

Neisha Roberts

(un) adopted Coordinator

Garth Thorpe

(un)adopted Education Manager

Krisha Yanko

Development Director

Megan Davis, MS, LBSW

International Social Worker & Post Adoption Coordinator

Claire Davis

Alabama International Social Worker

Lauren Preston

Costa Rica Program Coordinator

Traci Newell, LBSW

Education Coordinator

Renee Griffin, LBSW

Alabama Domestic Social Worker

Alyxis McLain

Human Resources Representative

Emily Boyett

North Alabama Pregnancy Counselor

Morgan Grubb

Haiti Program Coordinator

Kristin Whitehurst

Grants, Donor, and Alumni Communications Manager

Marcy Larson

Assistant to the VP of International Programs

Kara Erben, LBSW

Domestic Social Worker and Pregnancy Counselor

Kim Evans, LGSW

Family Therapist

Katie Beaton

(un)adopted Medical Coordinator

Tori Peele, LGSW

Alabama Social Worker

Rachel Miley

Marketing & Communications Manager

Lindsey Grist, LGSW

Foster Care Social Worker

Rachel Goetz, LGSW

Eurasia Program Coordinator

Maggie Spiller

Alabama International Social Worker/Taiwan Program Coordinator

Meredith Crawford

Adoption Specialist I

Lauren Taylor

Administrative Assistant-China Program

Mallorie Edwards

Post Adoption Administrative Assistant

Sherry Starling, LBSW

Central Alabama Case Worker

Laura Tatom, LBSW

Alabama Foster Care Social Worker

Meredith Campbell

Haiti, India, Africa, Taiwan & Hong Kong Program Director

Sarah Privett, LGSW

Alabama International Social Worker

Karla Thrasher, LBSW

China Program Director

Kesha Franklin

Lifeline Village Coordinator

Hilliary Hallman

Graphic Design and Digital Media Coordinator

Jenny Riddle

Communication and Public Relations Coordinator

Rachel Snell, LGSW

State Social Work Supervisor

Sarah Temple

Assistant to the VP of Engagement

Allison Fuqua, LGSW

Education Development Coordinator

Meagan Smith, LBSW

Alabama International Social Worker

Lynn Beckett, LBSW

Post Adoption Coordinator

Angie Blackwell, LGSW

Post Adoption Supervisor

Emily Fulkerson, LBSW

Alabama International Social Worker

Logan Gibbons

International Adoption Specialist II

Angela Mains, MA, LPC

Senior Family Therapist

Jana Lombardo, LBSW

Eurasia Program Director

Beth Stanley, LGSW

Latin America Program Director

Anna Pawley, LGSW

Alabama International Social Worker

Ashley Yeager, LICSW, PIP

Family Therapist