Social Worker - Kansas & Missouri

Katie Martin joined the Lifeline team in March of 2018 and works in our Kansas office. Katie works with prospective adoptive families throughout the international adoption process while also serving families domestically at our center through resources, intake, pregnancy testing, and our Harbor Families hosting ministry. Katie is originally from China, as she was adopted when she was ten years old. After China, she lived in Amarillo, Texas then moved to Fort Collins, Colorado. In her free time, she enjoys reading, going to sports games, hiking and being outside. She’s a big fan of ice cream, spicy and salty foods. Her favorite place to travel is anywhere in the mountains. Katie’s simple joys are coffee ice cream, drinking coffee/tea with a good book, and watching the sunset/sunrise on a rooftop. She also loves to hear people’s life stories. Her favorite thing about working at Lifeline are the co-workers and Lifeline’s mission statement. She loves that, as co-workers, they can share openly with one another about their love for Jesus, and then share the good news to the people they serve.