Administrative Assistant/ Intake Specialist - Kansas

Caitlyn joined the Lifeline team in February of 2018 and works on our Kansas team as the Administrative Assistant/ Intake Specialist. She is originally from Topeka, KS and attended Manhattan Christian College where she studied Bible and Leadership. She is the oldest of six children, two of which were adopted from China. She has been playing soccer since she was four and still enjoys watching soccer games, whether it’s one of her siblings or a professional game. Her favorite food is pizza tacos and her favorite place to travel is Coronado Island in Chula Vista, California. She’s an enneagram type 2 and an ISFJ. One thing most people don’t know about her is that she climbed an active volcano in Guatemala that erupted nine days after she climbed it. Caitlyn’s three simple joys are going for a walk with friends/family, flowers, and eating pizza. Her favorite thing about working at Lifeline is that they encourage us to intentionally spend time getting to know the clients that we serve, not only to meet their needs but to build a lasting relationship.