Director - South Alabama

Brad is a native of Mobile, Alabama and joined the Lifeline team in March as our South Alabama Director. He attended The University of Alabama where he received a degree in Human Environmental Sciences. He and his wife, Amber, attended the same school together since 1st grade. They have two boys, Bennett and Henry.  In their free time, they like to explore the zoo or aquarium. They average about 2 trips a week to The Birmingham Zoo. Whether it’s going to see the whale sharks at the Atlanta Aquarium or to hand feed a buffalo from their car at a drive through “safari”; chances are if they’re going somewhere, it probably involves large animals. If Brad sees pimento cheese on a menu he orders it, period. His three simple joys are early mornings with his boys (they haven’t been the greatest sleepers, he secretly gets so much joy out of the time he gets to spend with them at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning); reading war memoirs (can sometimes be dark but it gives him a deep appreciation for the beautiful light of the gospel that illuminates the gospel daily); and chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven. Brad has learned that when God puts seemingly insignificant opportunities in front of you, just show up. About six years ago, his wife dragged him out of bed at 4:30AM one morning to do grunt work at an inaugural 5K run. The run was for some organization called Lifeline that she had very recently begun an internship with. He knew almost nothing about Lifeline and was honestly not very excited about being “volunteered”. However, thanks to a gentle nudge/threat from his wife, he showed up. Fast forward to today and it’s amazing for him to think back to that moment and recognize how God used so much manual labor that morning to get him engaged in orphan care. God began that day to reveal to him a heart for orphans that he didn’t know was there. It is so refreshing and humbling for him to get to do work that requires him to ask God not only to be involved but to take complete control.  He believes that God has long been preparing South Alabama for an explosion in orphan care and is excited to play a small part in God’s story there.