Placing my child for adoption would make me feel too sad.
Separation after carrying a baby for nine months will be painful. The adoption experience for a birthmother can be heartbreaking on many levels, yet it holds hope. You can feel empowered knowing you made a responsible, loving decision for your child. Healing takes strength and courage, and post-adoption counseling is highly recommended and available. Adoption is for you too. I t gives you the freedom to pursue your dreams of education,employment and other options.

I need to take responsibility for my own actions.
Evaluating the choices for your pregnancy and child is wise. There are many things to consider: your finances, stability in relationships, the baby’s father and your long term chances for successful parenting.

I have no guarantee that my baby will be happy.
We know life does not come with guarantees, but as you seek help and support, you have the opportunity make decisions which offer your child the greatest life experience.

My family would never let me place my baby.
Adoption is an idea some family members may never fully adjust to, but let your choice be based on the care of your child. Can you meet those needs based on your current circumstances?

My friends think I should keep the baby.
Friends are usually sincere as they pressure you to parent your child because they think it is best for you. E motional support from friends is great, but ultimately this is your child and your choice to make. Let the long-term wellbeing of your child be the highest priority.