Lifeline Village maternity home was founded in 1984 to meet the needs of young women by providing a stable and nurturing home environment during and after pregnancy. The Village is a ministry arm of Lifeline Children’s Services. Residents at the Village are provided food, clothing, access to medical care including prenatal care, counseling, academic education if needed, help in finding a job/choosing a career/returning to college, and the opportunity to get involved in a local church. The Village offers confidentiality in a supportive, loving setting.

Lifeline Children’s Services is a Christian ministry founded in 1981 that promotes the sanctity of life through domestic and international adoption services, and by ministering to young women in the midst of unplanned pregnancy. One of Lifeline’s purposes is to assist young women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy who are considering placing their children for adoption. Lifeline provides free professional counseling, medical care and legal services to all women working with Lifeline.
The home is located a short drive from Birmingham, Alabama and offers the expectant mother confidentiality in a supportive, lovely home setting.

It may be a scary thought for you to consider leaving your home. That’s why we want you to feel welcome at Lifeline Village. Here you will be able to share your experiences with others who are in situations similar to yours.

A typical week might include school, a visit to the doctor, church, crafts, and visiting with your guests.

After the birth of their children, many of our residents are able to keep lifelong friendships that were developed at Lifeline Village.

You will receive excellent prenatal and postnatal care. Caring, compassionate staff and counselors offer sessions on a one-on-one basis. The home provides planned recreational events on and Lifeline Staff provides 24 hour assistance.


  • Life Skills Classes (personal, career, educational)
  • Goal Setting
  • Career Preparation
  • Relationships (family, friends, men, boundaries)
  • Independent Living (purchasing cars, budgeting, house searching)
  • Birthmother focused adoption materials and studies (emotional healing, birthing, grief, and recovery)
  • Basic Decision Making Skills

July 25th, I gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby girl. I placed her for adoption to a family that I could tell loves the Lord and it is a blessing to know that she will be raised in a loving family. Since being at the Village, my life has definitely changed, I am active in church again, and am no longer on drugs. Though my journey is a daily struggle, IÕm thankful to Lifeline Village for helping me. 

Typical Questions and Answers

What is Lifeline Village?
We are a Christian residential care facility for women walking through an unplanned preganacy. We have a maternity home for women who are in need of housing during their pregnancy and are considering adoption as one of their options for their unborn child. Lifeline Village also provides long term housing for women after placement, should they decide they would like to continue living on campus for up to six months post birth.

How was Lifeline Village started?
Lifeline Village was founded by Lifeline Children’s Services in 1984 in Thorsby, AL. The ministry moved to its present location in Pell City in 1986. Lifeline Village is owned and operated by Lifeline Children’s Services, Inc.
How is Lifeline Village supported?
Lifeline Village is a nondenominational, privately funded non-profit organization. The majority of its support comes from individuals, churches, and groups.

What makes Lifeline Village different?
We feel it is important not only to minister to our resident’s physical needs, but her emotional, social, and spiritual ones as well. By focusing on the resident’s entire well-being, we hope she will leave our care as a well-rounded individual who will be better prepared to meet her goals in all areas of her life. We believe accomplishing these goals starts in a nurturing and stable environment, which is what our home strives to be.

Do I have to stay at Lifeline Village to make an adoption plan with Lifeline or may I stay in my own home in my own city?
The home is there for those who need it. In fact, most of our clients remain in their own residence. But the Village is there if you need it.

Can I have a job if I want?
Yes. If you have completed high school (or have a GED). We can provide transportation if needed for outside employment. We will assist you in job placement if you desire.