Monday Bible Study and Call to prayer - Luke 24:36-53

July 9, 2018 justinwalters Blog

Join us as Herbie Newell and Dr. Rick Morton lead us through Luke 24:36-53 and prayers for Hong Kong.

  • Families in process:  For our staff to be equipped to lead these families well and that God would provide for families needs in process.
  • For God to bring more families who are mission-minded and especially have a heart for older children/significant special needs.
  • Waiting children: that God would protect them in their wait and put people in their lives that will love them and share Christ with them.
  • Waiting child: Ellie- 7 year old girl
  • Pray for the Gospel to continue to spread in Hong Kong and that more and more people will be saved.
  • Prayfor the Gospel to reach into the government of Hong Kong and that leaders will become followers of Christ.
  • Pray for the government as they make decisions and lead the country of Hong Kong.
  • Waiting child: Tammy- aging out in December.
  • Praise for interest in this program and 2 new families this summer!
  • Praise for the precious Pyne family who have faithfully pursued this program through long process and lost referral. Praise for a potential new match!
  • Praises:  That Hong Kong has an adoption friendly culture, where most children with minor or correctible special needs are able to be adopted domestically.
  • Waiting child: Praise that a Lifeline family is pursuing Ames

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