Monday Bible Study and Call to prayer - Luke 24:13-35

July 2, 2018 justinwalters Blog

Join us as Herbie Newell and David Wooten lead us through Luke 24:13-35 and prayers for Hungary.

  • Praise the Lord that 3 children have come home since January and 10 children will come home this summer/early fall!
  • Pray for more families in the program — because of the consistency of younger children we are seeing, families are finishing the process in 12 to 14 months.
  • Hungary does not maintain a waiting child list, so pray for the children as they wait for their forever families in orphanages or foster homes. Pray that the foster families will see the need to spend one on one time with the children and not just see foster care as a means to receive money.
  • Pray for the discrimination against the Roma child and population as a whole. Pray the Lord would protect these children from discrimination.
  • Pray for our Lifeline Team: Josh, Jana, Brianna, and Toria.
  • Pray for our Hungary Team: George, Adam, Rita, and Cornell.
  • Pray for Jana and Brianna as they arrived in Budapest today. Pray for their time in country and as they minister to our team.  Pray specifically for George and his wife, Eva, who are not believers.  Eva is battling cancer and has not received a good prognosis on her diagnosis.
  • Pray for the country as a whole. Many Hungarians call themselves Christians but most families have described it as a spiritually dark country.  Catholicism and Eastern Orthodox are strong religious traditions in Hungary.
  • Pray that our families will continue to share the gospel when they travel and for opportunities for our staff to be lights in the darkness to the on the ground team.
  • Pray that the Ministry of Human Resources Department of Family and Demographic Affairs Central Authority will continue to be in favor of international adoptions and see the urgency in preparing paperwork for children.
  • Pray for Judith Sebestyen, our contact at the US Embassy who always helps our families.
  • Praise the Lord for families who are called to adopt from Hungary.
  • Praise the Lord for the Horvath family – this family is in country now adopting a very special set of siblings!
  • Praise the Lord for the Davis family – who is in country now adopting their second child from Hungary!
  • Praise the Lord for the Floeter family – this family is pursuing a sibling set of 3!

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