Monday Bible Study and Call to prayer - Luke 22 &23

June 18, 2018 justinwalters Blog

Join us as Herbie Newell and Rick Morton lead us through Luke 22 & 23 and prayers for our Counseling Ministry.

  • Pray that God would draw each of the families currently served in counseling closer to Himself
  • Pray for our current therapists at Lifeline:  Angela, Ashley, Whitney, & Kim – Pray for our therapists to have clarity in how to approach and best help each family.
  • Pray that parents in counseling will be willing and able to understand the aspects of their histories that impact their present interactions.
  • Pray for 9 yo adopted. Still struggling with violent outbursts years later. That God will provide rest and confidence to parents and siblings; that hearts will be softened and that love can be received.
  • Pray that families can see the eternal significance of what they are doing in parenting
  • Pray that moms who bear the brunt of their children’s anger will know how to love and parent in confidence from the Lord.
  • For clarity and discernment as we continue insurance billing and new software programs. Praise for intern Bekah as she helps with this, and for wisdom as she learns to navigate this.
  • Pray for shame that is often pervasive in parents and children. Pray that God will speak truth that will revolutionize their view of themselves.
  • Pray for the strengthening of marriages for our couples in therapy.
  • Pray that the intensive therapy program will become known and helpful to families who need it, and that families will be able to fund this type of therapy.
  • Pray that families who need help will reach out and find Lifeline’s counseling services.
  • Pray for the teen groups taking place this summer. For the teens attending to be strengthened and encouraged.
  • Praise God for the families He has brought to the counseling department and the work that He has accomplished in each so far.
  • Praise God for the hope He provides to our staff and families!
  • Praise for the interns God has blessed us with this summer – Anna Bekah and Akilah! They greatly help to expand our territory and what we are able to accomplish!
  • Praise the Lord for providing a job to a dad of 7 – 4 of these children were adopted internationally.

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