Monday Bible Study and Call to prayer - Luke 19:47-48

May 21, 2018 justinwalters Blog

Join us as Herbie Newell and Josh Caldwell lead us through Luke 19:47-48 and prayers for China.

  • Pray that the Gospel will continue to go forth in China.
  • For Believers to be strengthened and steadfast in the midst of heightened opposition to the gospel.
  • That God will soften the hearts of our unbelieving staff.
  • Please pray for the Waiting Children in all of our programs
  • Pray for families who are struggling post adoption with many emotional and spiritual difficulties. Pray that God would bring wisdom, peace, confidence in His sovereignty and hope.
  • God to provide more families who are open to older children and children with more significant special needs.
  • Please pray for upcoming travel possibilities later this year
  • Please also pray for NGOs in China facing challenges due to changing regulations
  • Please pray for our connections with other ministries in China
  • Pray specifically for New Day and Morningstar as they are run by ex-pat friends of Lifeline
  • Our in country team:
    • Lily, Rebecca, Aron, Helen, Nancy, David, Michael and the rest of our guides.
    • On-going, unofficial relationships with local government and orphanage staff
    • That our favor with the CCCWA continues to increase and that our agency is protected.
  • Our team in the States.
    • Stamina for our China team and that the Lord will guide us as we seek to work efficiently as a team.
    • Please pray that we navigate all of the changes to the China program well
    • Please pray that we are able to care for families well as they wait for referrals.That the Lord would give us wisdom on how to best care for the kids who won’t be adopted and continue to connect us with locals who are believers

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