Monday Bible Study and Call to prayer - Luke 13:22-35

April 23, 2018 justinwalters Blog

Join us as Herbie Newell leads us through Luke 13:22-35 and prayers for Brazil.

  • Pray for truth and conviction for the people of Brazil: great amount of poverty, liberalism, and societal issues that impact the people of Brazil
  • Pray for the Lord’s good news to be spread in a very liberal society
  • Pray for the local church and missionaries residing there – that they will be united, encouraged, and bold
  • Specifically for Deborah, Gui, Vanessa and Betina (who we met on our trip to Brazil) as they are sharing the Gospel throughout Brazil.
  • Current Family: pray as they complete their home study and dossier process. Pray for our two families who are pursuing family members.
  • Post families: pray for our families that are home with their children.
  • Pray for mission minded families to want to pursue adoption from Brazil
  • Pray for the children in care of CEJAI & the children who are living on the streets
  • Pray that God would reveal Himself to them, provide for their needs, and bring their paths to cross other Believers that would help care for them.
  • Pray specifically for a 14-year-old girl that our team was able to meet. As we advocate for her, pray that a family would reach out to learn more about her and desire to make her part of their family.
  • Pray for our team here: Josh, Beth & Ferrah
  • Pray for our team in Brazil: Marcia & Marcos = in country attorneys (pray that they feel supported as they continue to advocate for the children of Brazil)
  • Pray for the workers at ACAF and CEJAI (central authority) and that they make decisions that are in the best interest of the children.

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