Monday Bible Study and Call to prayer - "Basic Christianity" Chapter 10

September 24, 2018 justinwalters Blog

Join us as Herbie Newell leads us through “Basic Christianity” Chapter 10 and prayers for Lifeline’s Families Count ministry .

  • Will you ask the Lord to send parents in every location where Families Count is so that they may hear the Gospel and be restored to Him?
  • We are preparing for a fall church training here in September. Will you ask the Lord to grant our staff discernment as we reach out to and recruit churches for the training?
  • Will you ask Him to anoint the speakers for this occasion so that what is spoken is from Him?
  • Will you ask the Lord for pastoral leadership in Mountain Home, Arkansas and Austin, TX? Lay leaders there are doing an excellent job of facilitating, but they long for leadership from the top to come alongside them in their efforts.
  • Praise the Lord that He has raised up a church in Austin, TX, to lead the first Spanish Families Count class!
  • Praise the Lord that He has opened a door for some of our staff to take Families Count to Romania! Will you ask that His Spirit would go ahead of us and prepare the hearts of the Church there?
  • Please pray for translators –that he/she would come to understand the concepts being taught as well.
  • Praise the Lord for the expansion of Families Count to other states and churches this year!
  • Pray for our partners – that they would be refreshed by the work of the Holy Spirit and the fruit He allows us to see in these classes.
  • Pray for more parents to be reconciled to the Father through Jesus and that they would take the Gospel to other struggling parents!

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