Monday Bible Study and Call to prayer - Acts 4:32-5:11

November 26, 2018 justinwalters Blog

Join us as Herbie Newell leads us through Acts4:32-5:11 and prayers for Colombia.

  • That the church will be strengthened and the true gospel will spread in Colombia. Pray for them as the Church becomes more aware of the orphan crisis and as we progress in discipleship with the local churches. Specifically praying for the following churches: Renacer, Vida Bogota, La Libertad, and Vida Nuevo
  • Pray the Lord would bring redemption and truth to those living in Colombia. Colombia is working hard to progress and come back from past histories with drugs, prostitution, sexual promiscuity, corruption, and violence. Pray the Lord would bring truth and peace to those who call Colombia home.
  • For God to give grace, provision, and peace to those in the midst of the adoption process. We have many families in process pursuing older children, host children, children with medical needs, and larger sibling groups. Pray the Lord to guide them and to give them endurance.
  • Pray for one of our families as they have been patiently waiting for a match with a boy named Jhoan. They have been through a lot, and we are anxious to hear good news for them hopefully soon.
  • Pray for post adoption families. Many families are home and walking through challenges of parenting children who have faced a lot of trauma. Pray for wisdom, endurance and encouragement for all of them.
  • For God to bring more missional families that will be flexible and understanding with the process and the complex needs of the children of Colombia
  • The Lord to prepare the children being pursued by our families now, that their hearts would be prepared and at peace with all the upcoming transition.
  • The Lord to grant us the opportunity to advocate for more waiting children and have more opportunities to advocate for better policies to benefit them in the long run.
  • Pray for our upcoming hosting program, where we will have 21 children coming to the USA in December.
  • Pray all the children will come to know Him as their Eternal Father and Savior.
  • Pray for continued growth and in Caregiver Education in Colombia – that the Lord would continue to open doors to local churches who want to invest in and be a part of orphan care ministry.
  • Pray for the foster parents that went through training this year – that they would continue to pull from the things they learned and would feel encouraged and empowered.
  • Pray for the upcoming medical missions trip happening Nov 24-30.
  • Pray for wisdom for the (un)adopted team and for the Latin America team as they work together to plan for future trainings and team trips in Colombia.
  • In Country Team: Soraya, Julieth, and Joanna
  • Wisdom for them as Soraya leads and works on some challenging cases, builds relationships with government, and balances a big case load.
  • Pray for our in-country team as it is growing and expanding
  • That those working for central authority will come to know Him and for grace and efficiency as they review our families. That they will work in best interest of children and creatively find solutions for many political issues that hurts the adoption process.
  • Pray for the new directors of ICBF
  • Private Homes: pray for our relationships to grow with these directors and workers
  • Lifeline team: Beth, Meredith, Ferrah, Josh, Oscar, (un)adopted

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