Monday Bible Study and Call to prayer - Acts 3:1-26

November 12, 2018 justinwalters Blog

Join us as Herbie Newell and Blake Wilson lead us through Acts 3:1-26 and prayers for Haiti.

  • Pray for the people of Haiti as continuedunrest takes place. In the last several months, there has been a heightened political climate, with many protests and demonstrations taking place. Pray that the Lord’s sovereignty will reign above the corruption, and that its people will turn their hearts to Christ and His salvation.
  • Pray for IBESR, Haiti’s Central Authority. Pray for wisdom and supernatural discernment to be poured out over the officials involved in direct connection with children’s files, especially those on the Matching Committee. Pray for IBESR as they continue to implement changes in the matching procedure in Haiti. They recently have implemented a new categorization system for crèches that could also affect how a crèche operates. Pray that anychanges made would ultimately be in the best interest of the children.
  • Pray for Meredith, Brooke,and our (un)adopted team as they continue to walk through open doors in Haiti. Pray for new meetings with potential partners, and for continuedbuilding upon already existing relationships with partnersin-country.
  • Pray for the(un)adopted trip in Haiti (October 25th-29th). Pray for the team led by Brooke as they train caregivers at two crèches, make efforts to meet with potential new partners, and meet with the director of IBESR. Pray that the effects of this trip will far extend beyond the short time the team is able to spend in country.
  • Pray for Lifeline families who have been matched with children and are waiting to bring them home. Pray for hearts of deep trust in the Fatherin their continued waiting,and for strength and grace to walk by faith during the times of slower movement and prolonged waiting.
  • Pray for our families who have been waiting in IBESR for many years now for a referral. Pray that the Lord would oversee their referrals, and soften the hearts of the Matching Committee at IBESR to any advocacy efforts made in relation to matching.
  • Praise the Lord for Sandy! She has faithfully served at 3 Angels for many years, and will soon be coming back to the U.S. after her years living at the guesthouse for the crèche. Pray for her as she transitions to a new normal, and praise the Lord for how He has used her life while living in Haiti!
  • Praise the Lord for the TEN families who were able to go on their Gotcha Trip this year and bring home their precious child(ren)! Praise that even in the midst of long waiting periods with Haiti, God has always remained faithful to finish what He starts in a family’s adoption journey.

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