China Kids Camp in Birmingham

During Kids Camp, volunteers have the opportunity to meet and get to know waiting children and learn more about their culture as they interact with campers and provide memorable experiences.

Our goal is to shower these children with the love of Christ and provide them with unique experiences.  This opportunity allows us to interact with and get to know these children on a personal level so that we can better advocate and seek forever families for them. (While we are advocating for these children, no matches will take place during Kids Camp).

Through Kids Camp we are able to advocate for children, while strengthening and establishing relationships in other countries.  God has blessed us with a unique opportunity both locally and abroad!

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Keeping Up With Kids Camp

Colombian Waiting Children visit USA

We have the most adorable FOUR Colombian siblings in the USA right now being hosted by a wonderful family over Christmas! They are loving learning English and about Southern culture. Right now, they are in urgent need of a forever family. Could that be you or someone you know? We are trying to find their forever Read more...

They Are Seen - Colombia Kids Camp 2017

Colombia Kids Camp brought a taste of being seen and also served as a reminder to me—I long for more. I long for every one of these kids to know the unchanging, steady love of the Father and a family. It matters.  For me to be a part of kids camp meant that I would in some small way say that I see these kids and I will never forget . . . for each one of their hearts and mine.  Join me in hoping and remembering!  Read more...

Finding Forever Families for 3 Lifeline Kids Campers

We are currently advocating for these three precious kiddos from Latin America. It is a special and unique privilege that we have to know each of these children personally and begin to advocate for them soon. These 3 children are currently at Lifeline Kids Camp in Texas, where they are spending time with Lifeline staff, Read more...

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