Kids Camp: Day 4

January 21, 2016 Blog

Today, we traveled to The Red Barn in Leeds,AL, a wonderful organization that provides riding lessons and camps for children with special needs and children from difficult backgrounds.  The Red Barn already partners with Lifeline’s foster care program, so we were excited to visit during Kid’s Camp!


From the moment we got out of the van, the kids were ready to go and explore!  We were able to visit with the horses, pet them, and even brush their hair (or eyelashes in the case of some children).  The horses stood still while the kids got to know them!


Then, we gathered in a circle to meet our new friend, Walker, from Rejoicing Rhythms.  Walker showed the children several instruments, including a bamboo rain stick.  The children were so enthralled by everything he showed them.  They sat quietly and eagerly awaited their turn.  Walker then gave each child their own drum and had them follow his lead.  I loved seeing every child participate and see their personalities shine!

We ended our time at Red Barn by playing outdoor games and creating a watercolor painting. The kids loved getting to run and play and enjoy the beautiful day.


Not only did we enjoy a beautiful day at the Red Barn, but the fun continued as we celebrated each child’s birthday this evening. With the help of a local Chinese congregation we had traditional Chinese birthday celebration including panda costumes, paper lanterns and dancing. We continued the celebration with an American birthday party. For every child we sang Happy Birthday. They each had their own cake and each got a present.


It was a day full of joy, celebration and excitement for each child at Kids Camp. We are thankful to celebrate each of these 10 children for the 2 weeks that they are here and pray that these experiences make a lasting impact.


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