“How will they preach unless they are sent?  Just as it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news of good things!”  Romans 10:15

Lifeline volunteers touch lives in many different ways. So many selfless volunteers have blessed the lives of adoptive families, precious children, birthmothers, and our staff.  If God might be leading you to volunteer in any of the ways below, please contact us and let us know in what capacity you would like to volunteer.

Clerical Aids

If you have some spare time, we always need help preparing adoption packets, administrative needs, or helping with crucial mailings.

Foster Care

A unique aspect of this ministry is the need for families who are willing to take newborn babies or older children into their homes in preparation for adoption.  It truly takes a special person/couple to care for these babies, to love them as their own, and to place them into adoptive homes.

We recruit foster families who have the ability for a parent to stay at home with the infants or who might work no more than 3 days a week with family care for those days.  All families must agree with our doctrinal statement and allow our Lifeline social worker to complete a home tour and study of your family.  Also, both parents must complete the state mandated GPS training conducted by Lifeline Children’s Services which is a 10 week / 30 hour course designed to prepare families for fostering minor children.

Our foster families are a tight knit group of families that are very close.  Lifeline foster mothers have quarterly luncheons, and work together as an integral team in the adoption process keeping a baby book for the adoptive couple, ministering to a woman with Christ-like care for her child, and loving unconditionally children whom they nurture.  As a result of this investment in the lives of women, family, and children many foster parents keep up with the adoptive families and children.  Lifeline also hosts a Lifeline family reunion once a year in the fall for the entire program and the foster families enjoy catching up with their special children.

Donating Tangible Goods

We always can use tangible goods to continue the efforts of our ministry to women, children, and families.  We will accept any donations such as baby clothing, baby goods, formula, bottles, baby bedding, baby blankets, or items for the maternity homes including – food, blankets, maternity clothes, clothes suitable for modest teenagers, toiletry items, Christian fiction and non-fiction books, and anything else appropriate for a home setting or appropriate for women to pamper themselves.

Volunteering Your Time

If your heart’s desire is to volunteer your time and talents for a ministry to women through birthmother mentorship , children, and families then please contact us. Our Volunteer Application can be found here.  Any marketing help, counseling help (must have appropriate degrees – counseling, social work, etc.), grant writing help, etc. are always needed and welcomed.

Volunteer at Lifeline Children’s Services

Volunteer at Lifeline Children's Services

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