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Date: Friday, May 4th (12:00 pm – 5:00 pm)
& Saturday, May 5th (8:00 am – 4:30 pm)
Location: Lifeline Children’s Services
100 Missionary Ridge
Birmingham, AL 35242

Crossings is an interactive training intended to help prepare and equip families for the joys and challenges that come with the journey of international adoption. The information is presented from a Biblical and Christian worldview with an emphasis placed on attachment. Some topics addressed during Crossings include: understanding child development, effects of trauma, neurochemistry changes, sensory processing disorder, parent-attachment styles, benefits of secure attachment, behavioral challenges, discipline techniques and other relevant issues. The education provided during Crossings has been derived from a number of reliable resources highlighting Trust-Based Relational Intervention® presented by the TCU Institute of Child Development, Healing Parents by Orlans and Levy, and presentations and books by author Jayne E. Schooler. Crossings also provides the opportunity for adoptive families to ask questions, meet other individuals who are on the adoptive journey, and hear from those who have gone before them in this process.

Crossings is a Lifeline-sponsored live training that is mandatory for families adopting internationally through Lifeline. These Lifeline-sponsored trainings are offered on a regular basis at various Lifeline State Offices. Check out our Crossings Training List for all upcoming dates and locations (please note that if there are fewer than four families registered for a live Crossings training, that training will be cancelled).

On Friday, snacks will be provided (no lunch).  Saturday, a light breakfast and lunch will be provided.
*NOTE: In the event that you are unable to attend, payment will not be refundable.

(The fee for Crossings training is included in your agency fees unless otherwise noted on your signed fee sheet. Your caseworker will let you know if your family needs to submit payment before completing Crossings once we receive your registration.)

Questions? Please email Mallorie Edwards here or call 205.967.0811.


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