China Family,

Congratulations to you as you approach travel! You have put in a lot of time, energy, and love to get to this point in the process. It is always exciting to be at the point to discuss travel plans. I wanted to take a minute and introduce myself. My name is Logan Gibbons and I will be assisting you through travel preparations, planning, and while you are in country. If you have any travel specific questions, feel free to direct them my way.

As we prepare for travel, there are a few steps that will take place.  First, you will receive a travel introductory email along with a few paperwork items that need to be completed.  These paperwork items are used to secure your consulate appointment and official meetings during your adoption trip.  Each of you will also have an opportunity to attend a Lifeline Travel China Meeting whether in person or online.  This is an important meeting where you will learn all about travel including process, itinerary, common post adoption issues, and meet our post team.  Upon completion of the travel meeting and closer to your travel dates, I will schedule a time to speak with you individually by phone. We call this the Travel Call.  The travel call is a time designed specifically for you to ask any questions about travel.

We have also included several resources for you here to assist in preparing you for your trip to China. You will find information about individual provinces in China, when the next China Travel Meeting is scheduled, as well as a helpful packet of information that walks you through the entire travel process.

As you can expect, travel planning is always a joyous time and I look forward to assisting you through each step.


Emily Hembree
China Team Travel Coordinator

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