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China is a country of 1.3 billion people, and the most vulnerable children are often overlooked. There is great need in this highly populated country to serve the masses of orphaned children that are not receiving the love and care that they need and desire.

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In 2014, (un)adopted® opened a foster center in China to reach orphaned and vulnerable children. Unfortunately, in early 2017, the government shut down every foster center in that province, including (un)adopted’s home. During the three years the foster center was open, 13 children were given a safe haven where they received needed, individualized care. The home was blessed with wonderful caregivers for the children (who remain on staff with (un)adopted) and we’ve saw the children thrive in the nurturing and loving environment of the foster home. In 2015, (un)adopted began providing specialized training for the caregivers at the home that helped them grow in the skills and gifts they already exhibit in caring for the children.
(un)adopted also partners with an orphanage to provide foster families for 16 children who are now experiencing the love and care that they need to develop and thrive in a healthy family environment.

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Meet Shelly

Meet Shelly. Shelly is 6 months old and lives at Lifeline's foster center in southern China.  Shelly was dropped off at an orphanage only a few days after she was born prematurely and moved into the foster center right when it opened. The foster center staff was told that Shelly probably would not make it due to her lack of nutrition.  The love, care, nutrition and nurture that Shelly received from the sweet caregivers was just what she needed to become a healthy little girl.  Since moving into the foster center, Shelly has gone from barely surviving to thriving.  Shelly continues to grow and mature each day into the little girl that the Lord created her to be.  

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