A Family for Five

August 16, 2016 rachelmiley
The central authority will need to separate the sibling group very soon if they do not have a family that can parent them all together. There are four girls and one boy, and they all range between ages 2-12 years old.
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NEW CHINA PROGRAM! Kids of Hope: Shining Light on the Shared List

August 11, 2016 rachelmiley
Lifeline’s international adoption program in China is excited to announce our participation in a new program giving us the chance to advocate for hundreds of waiting children in China.
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Urgent: Find Ricky a Family

June 30, 2016 rachelmiley
Ricky is 15.5 years old and will be aging out soon. He needs family – and fast!
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Stand for Orphans is Back

June 28, 2016 brianaremkus
Sometimes we may look at our children and dream about all the possibilities that lie before them—“They will change the world someday,” we think. But, they don’t have to wait until someday. They can change the world for other children today! And, we’ve made it easy for you! Discover how your children (and you) can
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Who Will You Honor? Father's Day 2016

June 3, 2016 rachelmiley
At Lifeline, we recognize that fatherhood can be an important reflection of God’s heart. This is so much behind Lifeline’s heart for the Gospel and family. We want to spread the word about God’s Heart for Father’s Day (read here) & honor men who exemplify the Gospel with their lives. So we’re doing a give away
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Watershed Moment for Haiti Adoptions

June 2, 2016 rachelmiley
-PRESS RELEASE- BIRMINGHAM, Alabama – Lifeline Children’s Services led Dan and Julie Cruz of Pennsylvania through the first ever adoption in Haiti under the newly implemented Hague Convention procedures for the country. This milestone is monumental for Haiti and families who are seeking to adopt from this country, as it represents the culmination of years
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The Process

January 22, 2016
After you have spoken with a Bulgaria program point and have reviewed the Policies and Requirements and feel like you meet these qualifications you will complete and return to Lifeline the Doctrinal Statement, Christian Questionnaire, and application. You can access the application online. Fill out the application, doctrinal statement, and Christian Questionnaire and return these
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View Our 2014 Annual Report

January 21, 2016
Since 1981, Lifeline has been engaged on the front lines of the ministry of bringing vulnerable children a hope and a future. Over time, we have grown in the ways that we accomplish this mission, but the gospel and the biblical mandate to care for the vulnerable have been the constant aim of our mission.
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