Frequently Asked Questions about Counseling

June 13, 2017 rachelmiley
At Lifeline, we know that families struggle post placement, and we expect challenges to arise as part of the journey. We desire to be a safe place where they can seek help from those struggles. Throughout the following frequently asked questions, we want to shed light onto what counseling at Lifeline looks like and to help answer some lingering questions many adoptive and foster families may have.
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Playing to Connect and Heal

May 11, 2017 rachelmiley
When I ask families how they are adjusting at home with their new child, they will often state, almost as an apology, “All we do is play; we are just playing.” When I hear this answer I want to shout from the rooftops “Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! They are engaging in play!” Play is the most
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Fostering Resources for Every Home

March 23, 2017 international
One of the benefits of Lifeline’s shift in foster care ministry is the ability to serve and support all foster families in the system with continuing education and training. We are beyond excited at the chance to serve families and offer opportunities to help them succeed and heal. We recommend the resources below as tools
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Invaluable Training for Adoptive Parents

February 9, 2017 international
Gabe and Melissa Ross have adopted two sons internationally from Ukraine, four children domestically through foster care, and are in process to adopt a daughter from China. Through their experiences of adoption, they have become well aware of the difficulties and challenges that come from parenting children from trauma or hard places. Lifeline’s Crossings team
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Crossings Video Resources

February 3, 2017 justinwalters
Video Topics Include: An Overnight Family - Becoming Victorious in the Midst of Infertility - Post Adoptive Questions - Becoming Part of the TEAM - Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder - Trauma Sensitive Teaching - Older Child Adoption - Special Needs Adoption - Preparing Children at Home for the Arrival of Fostered or Adopted Siblings - Post Adoption Depression - Trauma and the Brain
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10 Practical Ways to Help Your Child Heal

February 1, 2017 international
When children come into our care from hard places, whether as a newborn or an older child, they have experienced trauma. Our privilege as a parent is to walk with them through the healing that their hearts need. Is it easy? Absolutely not. However, shepherding a child in this process can be one of the
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Equipped to Love: How the Church Can Support Adoptive and Foster Families

January 10, 2017 international
When God’s people respond to His command to care for vulnerable children, our churches will become faith families to parents, children, and siblings who are navigating the journeys of fostering and adoption. Children who have experienced neglect, abuse, and trauma often require a unique mindset when dealing with behavioral challenges and even in everyday interactions.
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Tips for Talking to Your Loved Ones About the Holidays

November 22, 2016 international
For Newly Adoptive Families We often think about the holidays with fond memories and a desire to be around those whom we love. Now, think about the craziness of holidays and consider how they could impact a child who has never been around such festivities, particularly with excited loved ones who are not familiar with
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Holiday Tips for Waiting Families

November 8, 2016 international
As the holidays roll in, you may find yourself in a time of longing and waiting—waiting for your family to be complete; waiting for your child; and waiting on the Lord’s perfect timing. One friend of Lifeline said, “My younger sister was adopted, and I remember my parents . . . being so consumed with
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