Tennessee Part-Time Social Worker

May 1, 2018 lifeline
Memphis, TN | This position is responsible for establishing initial contact with prospective adoptive families for Lifeline’s international program as well as working with prospective adoptive families in processing international adoptions.
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Alabama Foster Care Social Worker

April 9, 2018 lifeline
Birmingham, AL | Provides ongoing education and advocacy for foster families. Counsels clients concerning options surrounding foster care and how their family should serve, walks a family through the licensure process, and prepares them for partnership with DHR.
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Kansas Social Worker

July 15, 2016 brianaremkus
Topeka, KS | Serves as initial contact and interviews with expectant mothers considering an adoption plan or parenting plan. Provides coaching services to birth parents. Handles initial contact and interview with prospective adoption families for the international and domestic programs.
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