Bringing Our Family Together: Our Hungary Adoption Story

November 13, 2018 rachelmiley
Michael and Caroline brought home their two children, Jude and Gloria, from Hungary in December of 2016. While in country, the Price family fell in love with the country and culture.
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New financial aid available for Colombia Adoptions!

November 9, 2018 rachelmiley
We have amazing news! This year, we had the privilege of hosting 10 children from Colombia when they visited the USA for Lifeline’s Kids Camp. Five of the children have found forever families already, but five of these precious children are still in need of families. They are currently back in Colombia, and it is our joy to advocate for
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Rooted in Love Resources

November 2, 2018 Justin Walters
Rooted in Love is a two-day adoption training conference hosted quarterly by Lifeline. This conference offers worship, fellowship, and gospel-based adoption training for families adopting domestically and internationally. During the course of the conference, families learn alongside other couples on a similar journey from experts on both our International and Domestic teams. Our desire is
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Trusting His Plan: Adoption and How It's Changed Us

September 21, 2018 rachelmiley
Meet Finley and Meagan Smith. Meagan lives in Birmingham with her husband, Josh, and daughter, Finley. They brought Finley home from India in 2017. We sat down with Meagan to ask her some questions about her adoption experience.
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Running For Change

September 5, 2018 rachelmiley
Lifeline Children’s Services will host its 7th annual R(un) For One 5K on Saturday, September 8th at 8 AM at locations across the nation. One hundred percent of the proceeds from the run will go towards (un)adopted’s work in 13 countries to reach orphaned and vulnerable children with the hope of the gospel and equip them with the life skills needed to bring about community transformation.
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A Few Facts to Know About Adopting From Brazil

August 27, 2018 rachelmiley
Brazil can be an amazing program for families who welcome stability in the process and who are being led to be a forever family for children from various racial and ethnic diversities. Brazil may also be a perfect program for families interested in older children and sibling groups!
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Why Feeding Therapy

August 13, 2018 rachelmiley
Because of the impact that early life has on food and eating, children from trauma often have feeding challenges. We talked with Melissa Pouncey, a speech therapist, who specializes in children from hard places and has worked closely with Lifeline in training caregivers through (un)adopted® trips. She has given us a basic understanding of feeding issues and when therapy is needed.
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When Being a Picky Eater Signals a More Pressing Feeding Issue

July 19, 2018 rachelmiley
Eating is an essential part of development, as our physical bodies need physical nutrition. But, food means more than just nutrition. Because of the impact that early life has on food and eating, children from trauma often have feeding challenges. We talked with Melissa Pouncey, a speech therapist, who specializes in children from hard places and has worked closely with Lifeline in training caregivers through (un)adopted® trips.
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$300 Scholarship Available to Families Adopting Internationally

June 25, 2018 rachelmiley
    Many times financial barriers can be an obstacle to families embarking on an adoption journey. We understand that funding an international adoption is daunting, so Lifeline strives to provide support and relief, whenever possible, for families. We are excited to share that a group of families have provided $300 scholarships to new applicant
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Fathers Who Give Hope

June 15, 2018 rachelmiley
If we are fathers, the most important lesson we teach our kids is about a heavenly Father who will consistently pursue them with love, firmness, grace, holiness, compassion, mercy, and consistency.
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Lifeline Opens Office In Texas

June 7, 2018 rachelmiley
Lifeline Children’s Services has recently expanded its resources to Texas to serve the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The Texas office offers programs for domestic and international adoption, crisis pregnancy services, and family restoration classes.
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Keeping Them Together - The Martin's Story

June 6, 2018 rachelmiley
Our adoption story is one being filled little by little, step by step, as God was quietly preparing us for a beautiful plan. And of all things, He used Facebook to put the final piece into place.
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She Is Known - The Buchanan's Story

June 5, 2018 rachelmiley
Today we had an appointment at the US embassy to receive Gabby’s visa. We had to hop around to different office windows gathering different documents. Each window gave us a slip with her given name at birth since her name has not legally been changed to Gabby yet. The slips all read: SINDHU UNKNOWN. Sindhu Unknown.
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Supporting Your Church's Foster Care Community

June 4, 2018 rachelmiley
Gardendale First Baptist Church has long supported their local foster care community. It began when leadership noticed the need for stable homes for children in transition. Quickly, their church implemented support for foster care families on multiple levels.
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This Is Us and the Realities of Foster Care

May 29, 2018 rachelmiley
So much of Beth and Randall’s story could be a very real reality for many of you in the same way that it has hit close to home for me. I know over the past several years we have been asked so many times "How do you let them go?” Another popular statement is, "I just don't think I could do it, I would get too attached." The realities of foster care are hard ones, but I am confident that this investment is so worth it.
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Whys and Hows of Ministering to Birth Parents in Foster Care

May 25, 2018 rachelmiley
At Lifeline, we believe that God created families and designed them to be permanent. When families are separated by necessity, children need temporary families to make sure they are safe and loved. Foster Care was established as a way to help families get back on their feet when permanency is disrupted. The goal is for their family to be whole again.
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Lifeline Partners with Manna for the Masses

May 23, 2018 rachelmiley
Lifeline Children’s Services® is excited to announce a partnership with Manna for the Masses, an organization founded to help stretch donation dollars to their maximum potential. Manna for the Masses utilizes their unique access to overstock goods such as t-shirts, socks, athletic wear and other garments at a whole sale price to meet the needs
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God's Grace Adoption Ministry

May 9, 2018 rachelmiley
God's Grace Adoption Ministry works in cooperation with the agency to assist with a family’s financial needs.They seek to help Christian families overcome the financial burden of adopting children.
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Alabama Part-Time Social Worker

May 1, 2018 lifeline
Montgomery, AL | This position is responsible for establishing initial contact with prospective adoptive families for Lifeline’s international program as well as working with prospective adoptive families in processing international adoptions.
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How God Used a Family’s Separation to Make Them Stronger

April 30, 2018 rachelmiley
While Eden Westside was organizing Families Count classes, Chris and Treana’s world was being shaken to its core. Plagued with active drug addiction and a marriage that was crumbling, their children were removed from their home until Chris and Treana could show that they were a safe place for their children again.
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